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Books about raising children are not only helpful for young parents

Undoubtedly, every responsible father or mother will agree thatparenting – perhaps the most important work for which every conscious adult who is about to start a family or who has already laid the first foundations in this area of life must prepare. How to do this task correctly is a question to which there are seemingly endless answers, but choosing the most correct one is quite difficult. Maybe it's good that the choice is wide. Every child comes into the world already with some of their own natural programmed tendencies. Some of them are positive, others a little less. Your friend's or aunt's child may not have the right parenting style for you. So, we offer you to dive into one of the most interesting and colorful areas of children's character formation. These are books about raising children. We will present 10 books that we suggest paying attention to.sį.

Jūratė Bortkevičienė "Responsible parenthood: the path to harmonious relations between parents and children"

Psychologist, educationalist, originator and organizer of the conference Responsible parenting idea, mother of three children, Jūratė Bortkevičienė suggests in her book to be guided by several essential principles of responsible parenting. Their main ones are sincere, unconditional parental love, patience and responsibility. And the most important thing is to remember to tell your children every day how much you love them.e.

However, this does not mean that the book only talks about the positive feelings of children and parents. In this read, you will find valuable advice on how to manage children's anger, their endless desire and even the ability to manipulate their parents, and the problems that arise when they start attending kindergarten or when a new member appears in the family.

These are simple and effective tips, specific words and actions that help to understand children's inappropriate behavior. The games and the abundance of examples are pleasing, which, by the way, will be very useful not only for young parents, but also for grandparents and educators. Finally, there is also an e-book version on sale..

Aušra Kurienė How to raise a person. Thoughts from the child psychologist's sandboxs“

Aušra Kurienė, a consulting psychologist and psychotherapist for 35 years, wrote a book adapted exclusively for a Lithuanian audience. Don't think that it doesn't talk about child-rearing methods in other countries. After reading this book, you will learn that the Japanese allow children everything, and the French nothing. What method does the author suggest to Lithuanian parents? The author states: We, parents, are not technical child care staff, we are raising a person who needs not only food and housing, but also human love, attention, compassion, and communication. Only constant contact, when we exchange words, actions and feelings, gives rise to sensitivity, and in this environment a person grows.gus“.

Alvaro Bilbao The child's brain explained to parentss“

It is a bestseller in more than 11 countries. This is not at all surprising, because many readers identify the work as a set of revolutionary principles that help raise a happy child. According to the author, the potential of a child's brain is enormous during the first six years. It is definitely not to be missed. Of course, this does not mean that every child must become a unique genius, but it is the responsibility of all responsible parents to help their child achieve 100% intellectual and emotional development. This book will help you delve into your child's thoughts and emotions so that you can better understand and nurture them.i.

Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish How to talk to children so they will listen and how to listen so children will talkų“

The title itself says that the book has a clear and concrete question. So you will find endless specific advice and real situations in it. You will find many illustrations. Such concreteness and abundance of examples allow parents to find answers to their very individual questions and problems. Confidence in the book is given by the fact that Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish are world-recognized, award-winning experts on adult-child relationships..

Elaine N. Aron The Highly Sensitive Child: How to Help Our Children Live When the World Overshadows Thema“

This authorfavorite the topic is the ability of highly sensitive people to adapt to a contradictory world. Of course, when it comes to children, the topic becomes even more acute. Elaine N. Aron states that many of the characteristics of highly sensitive children can lead them to grow up to be intelligent, self-aware, and creative, but improper parenting and training can make them exceptionally shy or timid. At home, you are raising a child who looks at the world too emotionally. Don't let him lose himself. In this book you will find useful tests that will allow you to get to know your offspring better. Yes, it's full of interestingly reported science-based research and, of course, practical advice.ų.

Veronika Urbonaitė Barkauskienė Children of the nineties are becoming parentsis“

In her blog, the author often talks about finding balance, challenges and trying to balance her many roles. You will find such thoughts in this book. The generation of the nineties, which was already familiar with smart technologies and the inexhaustible treasures of the Internet. The author notes that these young parents are convinced in advance that their children will grow up full, happy and, of course, successful. Life often presents a different scenario. This is a great read about the naive belief that parenthood will be easy and smooth without even getting your hands dirty. Consequently, parents will have to work not only on raising children, but also on their own understanding of the true realities of life. A cool guide for the new generation of parents..

Alice Miller Body Rebellions“

Swiss psychotherapist, renowned specialist in childhood trauma, author of thirteen books published in thirty countries, talks about the consequences of parenting in the book, based on the biographical stories of V. Woolf, F. Dostoevsky, F. Kafka, and M. Proust. She connects the writers' painful childhood experiences with the problems that plagued them later in life: depression, anorexia, cancer or even insanity. The author herself says about her work: This book mainly talks about the conflict between what we feel and know, because it is written in our body, and what we would like to feel, in order not to violate the moral norms introduced in early childhood. Trying to take a philosophical look at raising children can surprise not only young parents, but also grandparents who have seen everything or even educators.s.

Fairy tales for children

Would you be surprised to hear that great parenting books will tell this to children? By letting your little ones figure out for themselves what is good, right or just beautiful in a particular story, you are shaping their view of the world and the things that happen in it. Today, the choice of fairy-tale books for children is so wide that their parents and grandparents can only envy such a choice. Start with Lithuanian folk tales and end your childhood journey toį teenage paradise classics - the legendary tales of the Brothers Grimm.


So, as you can see, books about raising children really offer an endlessly wide and varied selection. We have no doubt that you will choose that one the very one a book that will seem like it was specially designed to educate your child and help him develop fully. Do not delay this process. However, it is worth knowing that if you do not immediately find suitable methods in books on how to raise your little one, you can also use other means. One such toys. After all, toys are a child's first connection with life outside the home and its diversity. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity, especially in the first years of a child's life, to give him the joy of getting to know the world through the prism of the diversity of toys.