Backpacks often make children cry out for their unexpected design decisions. They not only attract the eye with bright color combinations, but also with applications of children’s favorite animals, fairy-tale characters and cartoon heroes. If you let the child choose the design of the backpack, you can be sure that they will not differ with the backpack when they go to kindergarten or school, or in their free time..

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It is very important to make sure that the backpacks for children are not only beautiful, but also practical and comfortable. Therefore, before purchasing a backpack, it is important to make sure that it will fit all the items you plan to carry. You also won’t ask for a backpack with adjustable length straps. This way the child will be able to wear the backpack for even longer!


However, it is important to note that any backpacks for girls or backpacks for boys that you choose must be of good quality. And appropriate to the age of the child. Why it matters First of all, too large a backpack will not allow the child to move freely. This means that every time you put the backpack on your shoulders, you will feel discomfort. Second, too much backpack has a big impact on the formation of irregular posture. It encourages the child to squat, to bend forward. In this way, the weight on the back and shoulder girdle is not distributed properly and can have a negative effect on the functioning of the musculoskeletal system in the long run. For the same reason, a child’s backpack shouldn’t be heavy either. Just think, if taking an empty backpack in your hand, it no longer looks easy, how much it will weigh when it is full. According to the recommendations of experts, the weight of a backpack for an elementary school student should not exceed 700 g, and children's backpacks for kindergarteners should be lighter and even lighter. Additional straps at the waist in the backpack will also help maintain the child's proper posture. This type of backpack is especially recommended for school-age children. Finally, when choosing a backpack for your child, it is important to measure it. It’s like an outfit whose design may be attractive, but it may not necessarily fit and be comfortable. Thus, choosing a backpack is not an easy task, but the time and effort in collecting it is redeemed by comfort and proper posture.ena.