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Great ideas for things to do with kids

Children are the future of the world. Therefore, it is very important to create a very close relationship with them, to develop their abilities, to develop their imagination, to raise them as decent citizens from the very first days in this world. Joint activities and games between adults and children promote not only socialization and fellowship, but also educate and educate both children and parents or other relatives. Spending time together strengthens mutual trust, strengthens connection, and develops love. Even one weekend with children can become a truly memorable event for both children and adults. Unfortunately, adults' heads are not always bursting with ideas for fun activities, and sometimes the question has to be asked - what to do with children at home, what in the city, and what to do in nature? In order to make it easier for parents to organize joint activities with their children, and not to run out of ideas, we present you with several suggestions for what to do with children.

What to do with children at home?

Home is a safe oasis where everything is familiar, familiar and understandable to your child. However, activities with children at home can be not only calm and relaxing, but also really crazy! The best thing is that when you spend time at home, you can turn even the simplest household chores into a game, so even cleaning the house or cooking lunch, you can spend time together. Below we give you some tips on what to do with children at home.

Table games

Board games are an interesting activity for the whole family. There are many different types of board games - slow and fast, requiring concentration, attention and those for whom only speed is enough, team and individual. Board games can include painting by numbers, diamond mosaics, and puzzles . The latter activities are especially popular with parents of children.


A weekend with children can become a real celebration of handicrafts. And there is definitely something to do here. With younger children, you can draw, color with pencils, pens, watercolor paints or gouache, make decorations from paper, fold various figures, cut, sculpt with plasticine. Cross-stitch, knit, crochet or build constructors together with older children.

Food production with children

Cooking can also be a really fun activity at home. Moreover, this activity is not only enjoyable, but also helps develop your child's cooking skills and awareness. At home, together with children, you can cook various cookies (children especially like to decorate them), cakes, buns, stews or other dishes. With the smaller ones, you can mix, add products, transfer ingredients, and you can entrust the older ones with more difficult tasks - cutting, mashing, grinding or grating products.

Organization of the show

Another very favorite activity of children is plays. At home, you can create a performance based on your favorite fairy tale, movie or character just by dressing up. Another cool idea is a concert or dance performance. Many children like to dance or sing. So why not emulate the big stage right in your own home? A larger cardboard box can probably be found in most homes. Cut a hole in it and put on a real puppet show!

What to do with children in the city?

The city is a place of unlimited entertainment. Here you can find a variety of activities, from visiting museums to playgrounds. Finding things to do with children in the city is not difficult.

Visiting museums with children

Unfortunately, the myth that museums are boring still prevails. Yes, children may not be impressed by the history museum, but the devils, sea, amber museums, zoo, botanical garden, and dolphinarium will surely make their eyes sparkle. It is enough just to remember what interests your child the most.

Visiting parks and playgrounds

Parks are a great place not only to take a walk, but also to take a nap. They usually have children's playgrounds with trampolines, climbing frames, swings or other fun things. With older children, you can play table tennis, badminton, checkers or chess in parks.

Excursions for children around the city

Children are really receptive to the environment. They are interested in everything - buildings, streets, trees or even lights. Together, you can organize a mini-excursion and walk around the city, visit the most beautiful places. Or maybe you just recently read a book whose main character just happened to live in the city you were planning to visit?

Visit to the cinema, theater

Other great activities with children are going to the theater or the cinema. Both movies and plays develop your children's imagination, creative and analytical thinking. In addition, it is a great entertainment not only for the little ones, but also for their parents. After a visit to the cinema or theater, you can always organize a lively discussion, analysis of the film or performance, and we believe that you will be surprised at what ideas your children develop after this entertainment.

What to do with children in nature?

What to do with children when there seems to be nothing to do? Well - to travel to nature. You don't need a lot of creativity here - a fun activity can be just a walk, a bike ride, rollerblading, a simple picnic or other activities with children.

Camping with children

Camping in nature is a really great way to spend time with children. This activity allows the little ones to break away from blue screens, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the sounds of nature. It is not necessary to camp for a whole week - a day camping is enough.

Walks and nature explorations

For curious little ones, exploring is the best way to spend their free time. Exploring can be done simply by walking. You can also come up with a game - identify certain objects or their species while walking. For example, you can ask children to name as many natural objects as they can see, or if your child is older, to name trees, flowers or birds they hear.


For those who like more active activities, we suggest you try cycling together. In Lithuania, there are many different parks, forests or coasts that are perfectly suited for cycling. This activity improves the physical condition of both parents and children, teaches them to make the right decisions, and develops balance. A slow ride on a summer evening is a wonderful activity with children.

Bird or stargazing

Some children especially like to observe their surroundings. For these curious people, simply observing can become a great pastime. Offer to take a walk together along the river, lakeside, seaside and observe the water, the fish in it, and the birds flying nearby. Even if you live in a place where everything is lit up at night, offer to watch the stars with your children. Tell the little ones about where the stars came from, what the constellations are, how they change and why the stars shine. We believe that children will really be fascinated by this activity.

Active outdoor games with children

Active games with children can be played not only at home, but also outside. Games with children in nature can be the simplest - chase, hide and seek, the game "hot-cold", during which one of the players looks for the hidden object of the other player, and the latter says "warm" when he approaches the hidden object, and "cold" when he moves away.

Thinking about what to do with children is not difficult, you just need to know their hobbies, personality traits, favorite games. More passive children will enjoy quieter games - board games at home, visiting museums, parks, walks, observing nature, while more active children will be especially happy organizing shows, camping, and active outdoor games together with their parents. We hope that these ideas of what to do with children will help you and you will be able to come up with activities for the day, weekend or vacation more easily and quickly.