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Appetizers for children's birthdays are an important aspect of the success of the celebration

Snacks for children are an integral part of birthday celebrations. What to do when you want them to be not only tasty, but also healthy Colorful and attractive snacks for children's birthdays can be made in every home, and the best thing is that it is really easy to do. In this article, we bring you some cool snack ideas that you can surprise the little ones with during any celebration.u.

A feast on a stick

Children's birthday parties tend to be more action parties than quiet afternoons. It is for this reason that it is especially convenient when snacks can be simply taken in hand. Unfortunately, some dishes can make your hands greasy, which will likely end up touching most surfaces in your home later on. In order to avoid long hours of cleaning after the children's holidays, we suggest you to try meals on a stick. Snacks strung on a stick for a children's party can be very diverse and colorful.

Meat and vegetable rolls

Take a long wooden stick (you can find these in the holiday supply section of almost all larger stores) and alternately thread the pieces of meat and vegetables onto it. For this, you can choose both pieces of fried meat, dried slices of sausages, and slices of smoked meat. Small tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, broccoli, radishes or other children's favorite ingredients are perfect between meatballs.

Vegetable necklaces

Think about which vegetables your children or children's guests would not refuse and put them in small pieces on sticks. Do not forget that children pay a lot of attention to colorful and bright things, so do not be lazy to look for vegetables in playful colors.

Cheese and fruit necklaces

Classic brie cheese and grapes can be great snacks for children's birthdays. Pears also go well with cheese. In addition, we always offer sweet cheeses for those with a sweet tooth.

Fruit necklaces

Appetizers for a children's party do not have to be made of meat, cheese or vegetables. Various fruits strung on a stick can become a real highlight of the party. Choose fruits of different colors and shapes. In addition, to liven up the necklaces even more, you can cut out various animals, flowers or your favorite heroes from pineapple, melon or other fruit.

Candy necklaces

And, of course, snacks for a children's party can also be sweet. You can string various cookies, sliced biscuits, homemade granola balls, mini cupcakes or other confectionery on the stick. You can add berries to this dessert.

Sandwiches and baskets

As we have already mentioned, it is especially convenient when snacks for children's birthdays are such that you can take them in your hand. Single-bite sandwiches and baskets are great choices. They are not only convenient to take, tasty, but also especially decorate the table. Sandwiches and baskets can be salty with meat, fish, vegetables, or sweet with cottage cheese and berries, jam or jam, various fruits, nut butter or nuts.is.

Mini pizzas

These are the kind of snacks for children, the production of which may not even require a visit to the store. We guarantee that you will find a variety of products in the refrigerator, from which you can easily and quickly make mini pizzas. Usually, mini pizzas break records of popularity at children's parties.


 What's a children's holiday without sweets However, it should be remembered that practicality is necessary here as well. Children, especially younger ones, will prefer quick one-bite sweets to a perfectly decorated plate of huge cake. Small sweet snacks will be much more pleasant for children, because they will not have to bother with plates and spoons or dessert forks. In addition, a small portion of sweets can always be repeated by the child, and the uneaten cake on the plate will remain unfinished... Below we give you some simple ideas for sweets..


Cupcakes can be a great substitute for a cake. Serve the cupcakes beautifully, stick birthday candles on them and voila, you have a cake!


Like cupcakes, pies can become a dessert that is no worse than a cake. Some of the cakes can be taken directly by the children, so it will be especially convenient.

Ice cream

We probably won't find a child who doesn't like ice cream. You can serve them in ice cream cones, cups, other containers or even waffles. In addition, you can flavor the regular ice cream with fruit, berries, nuts, jam or syrup.


During a birthday or other celebration, a meal alone will not be enough for children. Don't forget to take care of entertainment with various puzzles, board games, cars, dolls or others toys can make your child's holiday truly memorable.