Dishes for babies

Dishes for babies are loved for their functionality and durability. After all, they have to fall on the ground many times, so it is extremely important that they are made of non-destructive materials. Recently, the most valued children's dishes are made of silicone, which is suitable for contact with food. In other words, silicone is a safe, harmless, soft, pleasant to the touch and perfect material for making children's utensils.

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Plates, coasters, cups, lunch boxes, as well as tableware are made of silicone. Due to its good properties, silicone tools are durable. Since as the baby grows, there is a need to purchase larger utensils and tools, the old ones can be thoroughly washed, disinfected and safely given to the next user.“.

Utensils used by babies must be safe, unbreakable and unbreakable. When buying dishes, pay attention to the composition of the dishes. Low-quality plastic can harm a child's health. If you are not inclined to choose silicone dishes and tools for children, then it is advisable to purchase those made of bamboo or wood. Such dishes are easy to wash and maintain. Also pay attention to the design of the dishes. Colorful, bright dishes will attract the attention of the little one, he will want to explore the dishes himself and try to use the tools. It is very convenient to choose dishes with a sticky bottom. This will ensure that the contents of the plate do not end up on the floor or on the baby's stomach. Meanwhile, ceramic and glass dishes are recommended for children over the age of three.

When the baby grows up, you should already look for dishes intended for older children -CHILDREN'S DISHES


Mushie dishes for babies are high quality and stylisha

Many parents pay special attention to their quality and design when looking for dishes for children. Mushie baby dishes offer the perfect combination of premium quality and adorable design. These children's dishes are made of completely safe materials, free of BPA and phthalates. And soft pastel colors fascinate little ones. Attention to every detail, a guarantee of quality, is the distinctive feature of this brand..


Nuuroo dishes for babies are timeless in quality and aestheticsa

Long-lasting quality, eye-pleasing aesthetics, comprehensive comfort and safety are all characteristic of Nuuroo baby dishes. These children's dishes are ideal both for babies' first attempts to eat independently and for older babies, as they are extremely comfortable and made of certified silicone without harmful substances. Attention not only to quality, but also to exceptionally cute designs is the secret of this brand's success.s.