Children's helmets

Common questions for parents buying bicycles, tricycles and quadricycles for their little ones: Do you need a helmet? And such a question can only be answered by the question: Do you care about your child's safety? Generally, all parents, without exception, assure that the safety of their children is one of their highest priorities. Hence, protective head helmets are necessary for children.būtini.

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Micro and Banwood helmets for children

Children's helmets are necessary because the reaction and physical abilities of the little ones do not always allow to assess the situation properly or avoid the obstacle. So that a joyous outdoor ride does not turn into an event associated with pain and painful injuries, it is simply necessary to think about safety. Getting a child's helmet is the least you can do for your child..


Children's bike helmet - why you need it?

According to the Road Traffic Rules, all children under the age of 18 riding a bicycle must wear a helmet. However, often parents still tend to doubt the necessity of children's helmets. Arguments are usually made using examples from one's childhood. Supposedly, we grew up without using anything like this in our daily life, so are these additional costs for a children's helmet really necessary And how appropriate are they? The answer is very simple, yes, without a doubt, helmets for children are mandatory. And their advantages have already been proven dozens of times by practical research conducted by scientists. Wearing a helmet will protect the child's head from possible impacts and more serious injuries in the event of a collision with another vehicle or an obstacle on the road. Especially since children do not yet have a developed sense of balance, and also have a slower reaction to unexpected situations. This means that a child is naturally more likely to hit an obstacle or fall while using a bicycle or other vehicle than an adult. Hence, it is possible to suffer an injury. In addition, wearing a helmet should not be a problem for children, as they can become an integral part of their active leisure style. In order to buy a helmet for a child, you can choose from a large number, which are in various shapes and colors and can be decorated with playful applications. Thus, in order to ensure the safety of children, the necessity of a helmet should not be doubted. It is recommended to purchase it immediately after acquiring a new vehicle for your child.ui.


Micro helmet, what is it like?s?

When riding a scooter or bicycle, the safety of children is the most important thing. The Micro brand is also convinced of this. The Micro helmet meets the highest safety requirements and is designed so that the child feels maximum comfort when wearing it. Each helmet from this manufacturer is exceptionally functional, easily adjustable and provides effective protection. Paying special attention to safety, Micro has not forgotten the needs of the little ones, so these helmets feature a variety of colors and playful designs..


Banwood helmet what is its?

„Children should go on adventures in complete safety and style, the Banwood brand believes in this. The Banwood helmet is extremely stylish, comfortable and ensures child protection. These children's helmets are made only from carefully tested, quality materials, and the color of each helmet is carefully selected. A distinctive design feature of Banwood helmets is the matte finish which adds an extra touch of glamour.sio.