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Christmas games for children

Perhaps the most beautiful and warmest time of St. Christmas. It is a time when the whole family gathers together, when we have fun together, and at dawn St. On Christmas morning, we watch children running to the tree with sparkling eyes. Both St. Christmas, as well as the period of waiting for it, is really full of magic and some unspeakable mystery. This is the time when St. The spirit of Christmas creates fellowship. It is a time when we want to spend as much time as possible together, and fun Christmas tasks or Christmas games for children and the whole family can bring everyone together. This time of peace and anticipation can really be filled with joy and life, lively Christmas games, witty Christmas tasks. In order for St. To make the time waiting for Christmas even more cozy and fun, below we present you some extremely fun Christmas games for kids and the whole family. 

Christmas glossary

Have you ever wondered how many Lithuanians have St. Words reminiscent of Christmas Brainless old man, Santa Claus, Rudolph, Christmas tree, garland, gingerbread cookie are just a few nouns that remind us of the most magical night of the year. Naming these and similar words can be great games for the whole familyai!Make some gingerbread cookies, get some gingerbread cookies, sit in a circle and say all the holiday words you know one after the other. The only condition is not to repeat the already named wordo! These can be names of dishes, items or Christmas decorations, names of deer, Santa's place of residence and so on.

Game My eyes see....“

Christmas games for children are a real joy. It is not only a way to have fun, but also to get to know and understand each other better. A great game that helps you better understand others. The essence of the game is to guess the item described by the other participant. The narrator begins: My eyes see... and names not a specific thing, but a quality of it, e.g. My eyes see something green. And then everyone else guesses until they figure out what the storyteller was talking about. Whoever guesses first takes the role of narrator.vaidmenį.

Who am I gameš“?

This is one of the most popular family games. And the rules are very simple: a piece of paper with the name of a certain person, character, animal or thing is stuck on the forehead of one participant. Then he asks questions to which the people around him can answer yes or no, for example: Am I edible, etc. i.e. The participant with a piece of paper on his forehead asks questions until he guesses who it is. Next, the sheet is pasted to the next player.ui.

Christmas game of charadess

Active Christmas games are also a great solution during the Christmas period. They are especially popular with children, and they are really easy to play. Write down on paper as many different characters, heroes, famous people, animals or things as you can. Cut it into strips so that there is one name or item per strip. Fold the leaves evenly and put them in a Christmas hat, stocking or just an empty jar. One player draws a piece of paper with a word written on it. He reads it silently and without saying anything tries to imitate it, act it out. Other players carefully watch the actor's performance and try to guess what the word is. The person who guessed wins the right to draw the next card. To make it even more interesting, you can use a dictionary and just spell the word or use various programs on the Internet. This busy Christmas game is perfect after a delicious festive lunch..

Festive concert

Your kids know lots of songs and love to sing Amazing! Put on a Christmas concert. Set the scene: prepare a prominent spot or near the tree, turn on the dim lights if you like, turn on the music and pretend your child is the biggest star in the worlddė!Invite him to perform, sing his favorite song. After the concert, ask for an autograph, your child is a real starė

Guess the song

Another great game for true music lovers! Gather together and choose who will be the first to start the game. The first participant mentally comes up with a well-known song and says one of the words in it. Then the rest of the participants try to guess what song it is. If it fails, the first player says the second word from the song (it may not be a consecutive word). Then the rest of the participants try to guess what the song is. One word is added each time until the song is finally guessed. After guessing the song, you can sing it. The person who guessed has the right to come up with and say the first word of the new song..

Making food or decorating a house can also become a game

If you think that preparing for St. Christmas is no time for games, you are very wrong. Even the simplest housework or cooking can become a great game. Before the holidays, you want to decorate your home, but you don't know how yet Prepare a Christmas toy workshopes!Dress up in gnome hats and cut snowflakes, fold cards, draw pictures or wrap presents together like real helpers of Santa Claus. In addition, you can always agree to play restaurant out of paper, unfold the chef's hats, put them on and travel like real professionals to cook on St. Christmas or St. for Christmas. Later, serve the table together as if you were waiting for Santa Claus at your house. Various Christmas tasks and Christmas games for kids can be so fun and interesting that you just can't put them downi!

Christmas games for children are an unforgettable time for the whole familyi

They say that time spent together is more valuable than all gifts. During the holiday season, try to relax and pay more attention to your family and loved ones. Spend time together cooking, doing housework, playing different games, and if you run out of ideas, try another board game or puzzles for the whole family. Puzzles and other board games can also become a great Christmas gift for the whole family!

Warm, bright and meaningful holidays of the most beautiful year!