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Maileg is a Danish-born brand that delights little ones with ingenious toy solutions. This manufacturer is proposing to embark on a journey into a world where matchboxes become a sleeping place for playful mice, where princesses become great companions for drinking tea, and the most amazing adventures occur as soon as you go for a walk. Maileg toys are designed to inspire children to fantasize, create, play!

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The Maileg brand for children was founded by Danish designer and illustrator Dorthe Mailil. Her passion for design was born in her teens and later led her on a career in graphic design. One of the woman’s unexpected creations was a character born in one of the projects who quickly won the hearts of all the learners together with her charm. In the long run, it was these feedback that led to the decision of the founder of Maileg to create a toy for children, following the example of a character drawn on paper at the time.

You may have already noticed that the beginning of the brand coincides with the name of its founder. This is no accident. When she started making toys for children, Dorthe Mailil and her husband started a company that gave them a name consisting of the phrase 'Mailil' and the word 'leg', which means 'to play' in Danish. It was the beginning of a long and successful creative period. Since 1999, the Maileg brand for children has received countless nominations and awards, and has been used repeatedly in illustrations for various books, including television projects.

Maileg continues to be well-recognized in the international market today and is chosen not only because of the design that is becoming a classic due to its specifics, but also because of its responsible approach to developing toys for children. This brand pays special attention to quality, testing of toys and ensuring their safety for children. They also do their best to make their products an environmentally friendly choice.