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Djeco strategic board game - Quartino

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Recreating the combinations shown on the cards is easy - just place the matching color tokens in the right places on the board! There is only one problem - the moves of other players can destroy all your efforts. This is a strategy game where you have to create combinations of the colors shown on your cards by placing tokens on the game board.

Rules of the game: the cards are shuffled and each player takes 4 cards without showing them to others. During his turn, the player chooses one of the colored tokens and places it on the game board. A token can be placed on one of the free spaces or on top of another token, creating a column of tokens. Each player tries to make a combination of chips identical to the combination shown on the card. If there is a column of chips on the board, only the chip of the color on top counts. As soon as a player sees that he has succeeded in making one of the required combinations indicated on his cards, the player says "Quartino!" and the other players check it. If the combination is correct, the 4 tokens that made the combination are removed from the game board. The player then continues his turn, placing a new token on the board. If a player sees 4 or more tokens of the same color on the board during their turn, the player can place two tokens on the board. Also, if a player notices a column of 4 or more tokens, the player removes that column from the board and places two chips on the board. And if the player sees both combinations, the player shouts "Four colours and a column!", removes the column, and places 3 chips on the board. The first player to make all four combinations on the player's cards wins the game.

The set includes: 1 game board, 28 tokens divided into 4 colors, 24 cards, 4 card holders.


Age: from 7 years.
Number of players: 2-4
Game duration: 20 min.

Age:from 7 years old.Number of players:2-4Game Duration:20 minutes


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About Djeco
Djeco - brand Djeco became an unexpected discovery! Exclusively designed, high-quality, educational toys and games. This French company was created in 1954 as a small family business, but now this company has become known worldwide as a manufacturer of quality toys. France has entered a new gaming era!
Strateginis stalo žaidimas - Quartino -
Strateginis stalo žaidimas - Quartino -