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Wooden toys for children are probably the best choice for those who take care of small motor skills, movement coordination and creativity training. For example, a 13-year-old child will be interested in laying wooden cubes and simple puzzles, and will swing with joy on a rocking horse. Older children will be attracted by wooden constructors and various educational puzzles. The latter is also useful for teaching little ones to read and count.i.

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Why it is worth choosing wood made from all the variety of toys They are recommended for several reasons such as sustainability, safety and durability. Wooden toys are strong, shockproof and environmentally friendly. Finally, wooden toys do not use chemicals (unlike plastics, for example), so there is no need to fear that they will end up in a child's mouth..


It should be noted that modern children live in a world full of sounds, colors, shapes and somewhat chaotic. Popular, clever toys can often distort perceptions of reality and sensations. This encourages you to perform the specified functions automatically, but does not teach you to look for solutions yourself. Therefore, when choosing a toy, it is important for your child to think about what the child will learn by playing with the new toy. What benefits will a particular toy bring to your child? It is likely that the child will be inclined to call siblings or adults for help if needed and construct together. Educational wooden toys, especially constructors, will develop creativity, imagination, allow children to create invisible fortresses, houses, garages and build roads. Boys from the age of three especially like cars, built garages, firefighters ’rooms with cars, tool kits, where they can play a variety of roles. Meanwhile, the girls are fascinated by doll houses, cakes, rainbows, coffee machines, dish sets and doll carts. And balance games will bring children together. In the end, the little ones will benefit from toys that develop fine motor skills. Children will learn to lay out details, separate forms, develop imagination, learn to express emotions. When choosing wooden toys, pay attention to what kind of wooden toys are made, check for small details that could pose a threat to your baby. And most importantly, choose age-appropriate toys for your child.us.