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A children's bicycle is probably something that is inseparable from the childhood memories of every adult. How I wanted to have it! How difficult it was to learn to ride it And how much joy riding a bike gave once you mastered its driving technique. Your child can have a similar joy-filled experience! If only you will teach him to drive and accompany him while going together.tu.

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Children's bicycles can become an integral part of children's daily life from a young age. Of course, for a child who has just started walking, maintaining balance and pedaling will be too difficult a task. However, balance bikes for children are perfect for the smallest bike lovers. They differ from regular bicycles in that they do not have pedals. This means that the child can move with it similar to kicking a scooter. 

When choosing the best bike for a girl or bike for a boy, consider the child's height and age. Usually, children's balance bike is used by children aged 2-5 years. However, according to the recommendations of bicycle manufacturers, a child's bicycle from the age of 3 can already be chosen with a wheel diameter of 12-14 inches. For children of this age, tricycles or children's bicycles with additional wheels are usually chosen. With their help, the child can learn to keep balance and learn to ride a normal bicycle faster. Meanwhile, for children from 5 years old, it is recommended to choose a bicycle with a wheel diameter of 16 inches. A larger wheel diameter will allow the rider to put in less effort and the bicycle vehicle to roll faster..

What to pay attention to when choosing a bicycle First of all, do not try to buy a bicycle for your child with as many gears as possible. It must be understood that a child's reaction speed is slower than an adult's, so additional gears and higher speed can do more harm than good. It is also worth paying attention to whether the bike has wheel guards. Since children's bikes are often ridden through puddles and mud, wheel protectors can be a great help to protect clothes from getting dirty. Finally, before you let your little ones on the bike, make sure they have all the protection they need to keep them safe from the start.t helmet, knee and elbow protectors and reflectors.


Banwood bike what is its?

Banwood is a world-renowned brand for safe, functional, and stylishly designed children's bicycles. The Banwood bicycle is like a work of art, with which the journeys of the little ones are safe and comfortable. These bikes are made from high-quality steel and aluminum, with every detail thought through. The main features of Banwood bicycles are safety, long-lasting quality, and the minimalist charm of Scandinavian design.ys.