Sunglasses for children

Adult preparation for the summer season is inseparable from new sunglasses. But do you also provide them for your children? This is especially important given that children's eyes are more sensitive to ultraviolet light and more vulnerable. By choosing the glasses you and your baby like, you will be able to enjoy not only protected vision, but also great style detail.

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Children need to choose sunglasses according to their age. Children's glasses are made in different sizes to suit children of different ages. It is very important that the lenses of the glasses are large enough to prevent direct sunlight from entering the eyes through the edges of the glasses. Otherwise, wearing sunglasses will not make sense. Meanwhile, too narrow eyeglass frames can not only be uncomfortable to wear, causing discomfort, but they can also narrow your field of vision. And that’s not good for small eyesight.

Pay attention to the certificates that can confirm the quality of the glasses. It is important that sunglasses meet quality standards and have markings such as UV400 or CE. Such goggles are designed to protect the eyes from UVA, UVB and UVC rays, which are not enough to prevent hats with a spout, a hat or other means of protection from the intense sun. Otherwise, you will not be able to be sure that the sunglasses you purchase have a protective function.

Lastly, when purchasing sunglasses for little ones, pay attention to their care. Sunglasses for children are made according to the age of the wearer, ie they are made of durable, they do not break easily or break. However, they are not completely protected from scratches or dents. If you notice scratches on the spectacle lenses, you should no longer wear them, as such glasses have lost their protective layer and simply do not perform their protective function.