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Children's carpets are a particularly important detail for aspiring childrengive the space more coziness, color and playfulness. In addition, handmade, precision quality rugs of various sizes and thicknesses are also useful in a practical sense. Moving small games from a cool floor to a warming carpet will significantly reduce the chances of catching a runny nose or other unwanted cold.

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Little Dutch rankwork carpets. The variety of their offer ensures that everyone will find the most suitable, functional interior detail for their home. For those who want to enliven the children's space with bright colors, carpets such as Pure Nature Rainbow or Horizon Olive will be perfect here. Those interested in carpets of pastel colors will have the opportunity to choose a carpet of the chosen shade and shape. Meanwhile, those who think that a rug for a child’s room should be playful will be able to choose from options such as a rug in Rocket, Whale, Swan, Flower, Boat Blue and others. All Little Dutch baby rugs are practical and easy to clean. One of the biggest advantages is that they can be washed in the washing machine if necessary.albimo mašinoje.

„EO carpets for children from wool.. This is a great choice for those who love exclusivity. Contrasting, stylized carpets will not only be useful in a practical sense, but will definitely become an eye-catching interior detail. And how could it be otherwise, if every rug is an author's creation by different teams of designers For example, the modern Zebra rug was created by Les Graphiquants, Panda was created by Twice designers, and Leopard's exclusive interpretation of the African animal was born by Helkarava. It is important to note that design is not the only strength of EO carpets. They are handmade, carefully woven from thick wool (carpet thickness 2 centimeters). Thus, such a detail gives the children's space not only exclusivity, but, of course, warmth.e abejo, ir šilumos.