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Migdukas is a word that makes those who hear it for the first time stop and ask what it is. This is the name of a soft toy intended for little ones, which helps to calm down and sink into the kingdom of sweet sleep. That's why it's not uncommon for sleepers to be called the best friends of little ones. And indeed, once the baby gets used to the routine in which the nap is an inseparable companion, later it can be difficult to fall asleep without it. jo.

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You can choose the desired sleeper from many different options. Maybe the one that can also serve as a pacifier will look the most suitable for you, or maybe it will be relevant to have a pacifier holder sewn to the pacifier. You are free to choose and find the pacifier that best meets the needs of the child!!


However, it can be observed that if no one has any questions about the necessity of pacifiers for babies, the necessity of using pacifiers is disputed. Usually, skeptics ask whether, first of all, it is hygienic to use pacifiers. Second, whether using pacifiers does not harm the respiratory function. Most likely, everyone will confirm that babies tend to snuggle up to the edge of the blanket or pillow when they are getting ready for sleep. This way they calm down faster and prepare for sleep. A sleeper performs the same function. And by the way, using it is a more hygienic option than putting your baby to sleep. If you are interested in special hygiene, you can wash the pillow as often as you want. Meanwhile, it is unlikely that you would have the opportunity to wash the baby's bedding so often (there is no need for this, by the way). Well, those who care about the free breathing of the little ones can be reassured that naps have no significance for breathing. The material of the sleepers is a thin fabric, so it is perfectly breathable and allows the baby to breathe freely. For this reason, you should not be afraid even in this case, if you see that the baby will put a nap on his face while getting ready for sleep. It should be noted that naps are nothing new. They have been widely used since ancient times, but are known by names such as merlukas, merlytė or others. If you open your childhood photo album, you will probably recognize this one in more than one photo.te.

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