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Toys for children from 5 years

You’ve probably noticed many times that toy packaging indicates the age for which they are intended. Some buyers tend to take these recommendations by hand. But unnecessarily. In particular, this recommendation ensures that the toy is safe for use by children of the age indicated on the packaging. And it also suggests that such a toy will be fun (and useful) for children of a certain age. In other words, not following the age recommendations you might ask a child to play with the toy will be either unsafe, or too complicated, or, conversely, too elementary, and therefore uninteresting. That is why it is useful to pay attention to the age range offered by the product manufacturers.žį.

However, even if you follow the recommendations, the abundance of choices often makes a mystery, so which of these toys would be best for a girl or a boy? the following tips according to the age of the children may help.žių.

Toys for children from 5 years:

Toys for boys from 5 years

Those looking for something to delight boys 5 years and older are advised to choose from colorful, modern wooden car models. These are comfortable, hand-held cars that can be taken with you to kindergarten, meetings with peers or trips with parents. Plane, racing cars, school buses, taxis, etc. will allow the little ones to create the stories of the city’s inhabitants and, most importantly, to participate in them themselves.i.

Boys of this age will also be interested in a children's desk with the most necessary tools (hammer, screwdriver, saw, screws, etc.). The set consists of 48 parts of tools and accessories. So the child will definitely have something to do and will no longer be bored! Meanwhile, for those who are fascinated by the idea of a desktop but are hampered by the limited space available at home, they can opt for the Little Dutch wooden toolbox. There are as many as 20 tools in such a set, which are placed in a special, wooden box of the little master.e.

Wooden, of various sizes,goods for children are recommended for boys from 5 years of age due to their fine motor skills. With the help of games, we exercise the little ones' fingers and prepare them for writing, drawing, molding, construction and other coordinated actions. And also activities that develop fine motor skills develop attention, patience, help to concentrate and concentrate.i.

Toys for girls from 5 years

For girls from the age of 5, the recommendations for the development of fine motor skills remain the same as for boys of this age. However, for children of this age, there are no longer enough games or activities that need to touch as many different materials or textures as possible. Over time, they have to become more difficult to grow into smaller details, they have to be more difficult to construct, and so on. So when looking for the right toys for girls this age, pay attention to the examples below, maybe they will be what you need::

  • Classic Little Dutch doll house. It is a toy that will not leave any girl indifferent. This set consists of 19 pieces of furniture and other accessories, and special stickers can help you personalize your doll house and make it unique!u!
  • Another popular choice when choosing play equipment for little ladies is a dressing table. A table with a rotating mirror and a set of various beauty products (hair brush, perfume, lipstick, eye shadow, etc.) will appeal to every girl who loves to dress up.
  • Little Dutch cuisine is also often chosen. The pink set of ovens with doors, shelves, sink with tap and hob allows you to empathize with the role of the little hostess, in whose kitchen the most amazing culinary masterpieces are born! Meanwhile, those interested in a more modest and less space-consuming option can opt for a wooden teacup or vegetable slicing set.nį.

Toys for boys from 6 years

Children under 7 years of age are advised to choose more sophisticated constructors. By catching them, the child not only develops creativity and logical thinking, but can also relax from mental activity. It is not for nothing that first grade children are advised to play with blocks and other constructors during the break year. The actions that strengthen fine motor skills allow you to relax your mind, concentrate and return to gaining knowledge after a break with new strength!

One option that would bring together a few little Little Dutch tower game into the game. After building a tower from colorful wooden blocks, each player must remove one of the blocks from the tower and place it on top of the tower without demolishing it. To make it even more difficult, you can divide into teams and agree that one team will draw blocks of one selected color and another. This is a game that guarantees a great dose of laughter and good mood!ozę!

If it is more important for the child to do something alone, you can choose Little Dutch kits such as a train station, a train track or a zoo. These are games that will not let one player get bored, and will also be fun to play in the company of peers.e.

Toys for girls from 6 years

Dolls are often thought to be of interest to girls under 5-6 years of age. However, dolls that are 6 years old and older are also indispensable companions for the day. For example, if you visit one or another class of second or even third graders, you will soon notice that there are dolls on the girls' tables next to books, pencil cases and other teaching aids..

Girls of this age are less likely to play with baby dolls or barbie dolls. Stylish dolls are more often chosen. For example, it can be seen that a popular option is a fairy doll. The multicolored, delicate Scandinavian aesthetic doll Picca Loulou’s fairy Mathilda, Felicity or Celeste can become great companions for girls. They not only help to feel safer and more emotionally calm, but also help to develop qualities such as empathy, responsibility, and caring.

In addition, these stylish dolls for girls from the age of 6 can also be an indispensable, stylish accessory. The big advantage is the size of the doll, it is not difficult to carry in your hands, and it will not take up much space in the small backpack..

Toys for boys from 7 years

Boys from the age of 7 will enjoy a variety of board games that can be played both alone and with friends. For those who want to focus on children’s memory, concentration and concentration skills, it is recommended to choose memory games. A great example is the goal of the Little Dutch memory game Sailors Bay to find all identical cards as fast as possible.eles.

Meanwhile, those who are more interested in developing children’s social skills are suggested to choose domino-type games. For example, the manufacturer of Little Dutch games Zoo or Little Goose. They will ensure that the little ones not only have fun but also have a good time together.kartu.

And if you’re more interested in games that would interest kids to engage alone, it’s worth choosing more challenging puzzles like Londji’s Japanese Rock or Gravity puzzles or puzzles with a greater number of details. For example, The Wave or Starry Night by the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh.arry Night“.

Toys for girls from 7 years

Girls of this age are usually fascinated by a variety of puzzles that can be put on both individually and with girlfriends and friends. Puzzles are valued for the development of fine motor skills and the development of concentration and patience. And it is also a tool that develops memory perfectly.

Therefore, for those looking for a gift for girls from the age of 7, it is recommended to choose puzzles such as Londji brand Cinderella, Happy Birthday Unicorn! or Night & Day in Paris. They capture the effectiveness of their colors and drawings at a glance and urge them to start putting together a new puzzle immediately, here and now!r dabar!

However, if the girl is no longer a newcomer to the world of puzzles, you might want to think about puzzles with more details, such as Londji’s Mona Lisa, Go to Rome, or Go to The Future. Overcoming the challenge of puzzles will not only make you have a great time, but will also develop your leadership and confidence that I can overcome even more!ar daugiau!”

Where to buy these toys?

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