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Toys for children 3-4 years:what to choose

When you usually start looking for toys for little ones, your eyes start to dazzle with the abundance of supply. Plush toys of various sizes, puzzles, board games that develop logical thinking and reaction, constructors ... So what kind of toy to choose What gift could be not only beautiful, but also useful , what material the toys you choose are made ofinti?

It is important to note that answering these questions will be easier if you choose a toy based on your child’s age. This is the main criterion that ensures that the chosen toy will interest and educate the small recipient. And that means you’ll be able to breathe easier, the money won’t be spent in vain, and the toys you acquire won’t be dusty on the shelf. Rather, on the contrary, they will be used daily and will delight the little ones.s.

Toys for children under 5 years


What else to know for children looking for toys for 3-4 year olds

For children looking for toys for 3-4 year olds, it is important to know at least minimally how their interests change at this age, what interests little ones. One of the most important changes is that children of this age are less and less likely to choose individual games. And accordingly, they increasingly use the opportunity to play with other peers, looking for opportunities to communicate, get to know each other.

It is therefore useful to exploit or otherwise systematically reinforce the change in this age group. It is the skills acquired at this time that will have a significant impact on the child's personality development and will lay the foundations for communication and co-operation with others. And it will also help to learn from others, expand awareness and skills..

Toys for children from 3 years

Toys for children from 3 years of age are recommended to contribute to the development of creativity. True, the field of creativity can often seem rather vague, as it is quite difficult, if not impossible, to notice and measure the progress made in it. However, the good news is that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money or acquire special educational materials in order to invest in children's ability to react creatively to situations and make non-standard decisions. Ordinary toys are enough to allow a couple or several children to play.

Toys allow a 3-year-old child to create stories with his peers that take him to the boundless world of fantasy. And this means that it not only allows children to learn from each other, but also makes a significant contribution to the development of their social skills. It means the ability to understand each other, help, collaborate and work with other team members to achieve goals..

Toys for boys from 3 years

If you are looking for toys for a boy who is already three or older, you will never ask for wooden toys. Why First of all for the reason already mentioned above, wooden cubes, puzzles, wooden car models, garages or tracks are great toys that allow two or more children to play together.kų.

Those who have already taken advantage of advice for little ones to acquire wooden toys will reassure them that they are more interested than anyone else in engaging and occupying children for a long time. Involving cities together, creating stories and participating in them involves the little ones losing time. And most importantly, this time is far from wasted. In addition to developing social skills and creativity, children also develop motor skills and coordination when playing with wooden toys. Especially when building using blocks or laying puzzles. In order to assemble the latter quickly, it is important to accurately grasp the required part, adjust it and connect it correctly with others. So in this way, these toys develop visual memory, concentration and reaction for boys from 3 years of age.

Thus, after reviewing all the positive features of wooden toys, constructors and puzzles, the question can hardly be asked: Is it worth noting the educational toys for babies from 3 years of age. This type of toy is really useful because of its educational properties and the ability to involve the little ones in the activity.us.

Toys for girls from 3 years

Although girls are often no less interested in wooden puzzles and constructors than girls, it can be noted that they do not remain indifferent to plush toys. When people usually talk about soft toys, many people stereotypically associate them with big teddy bears and ask here what they might be interested in for three-year-olds.ais?

The answer to the latter question can be both yes and no. It is possible that a plush toy will become a good detail in the interior of a children's room if you choose an oversized toy. Although their size, especially when it is larger than the recipient of the gift itself, is truly impressive but unattractive to children. They don’t have to be carried with them, put in a backpack when traveling to kindergarten, or the like. Therefore, such toys for girls from 3 years are simply doomed to stay collecting dust..

However, if you choose a plush toy after wondering in advance what the little lady is interested in, playing with the country is almost impossible. Almost every girl will love the mouse mice in the matchbox or the plush doll Little Dutch baby Rosa. Because both options have a lot of extra details, children learn to express care and love for the other by playing.am.

Toys for children from 4 years (up to 5 years)

When talking about which toys are best for children from the age of 4, very different choices are often mentioned. On the one hand, great importance is attached to the physical activity of children, and on the other hand, the responsibility, understanding, caring, etc. of personal qualities. education. So games for children under 5 and should focus on one or another of the areas mentioned above.tį.

It is important to note that the toy options below can be donated to both boys and girls. And the offers presented are only indicative, taking into account the most popular buyers' choices for boys and girls of the said age, respectively.

Toys for boys from 4 years

For those who care about the physical activity, balance and muscle building of the little ones, it is a good idea to pay attention to vehicles for children such as bicycles or children's scooters. Using both vehicles puts a lot of strain on children's legs, back and other muscles. In addition, physical activity activates blood circulation, leads to increased metabolism, and provides long-term benefits to children’s health. This is beneficial not only in the short term but also in the long run. Regular physical activity forms positive habits that will be beneficial throughout a child’s life..

You say that your children do not like to play outdoors After purchasing the most suitable vehicle for your child, you will be surprised that the time outdoors will be the biggest holiday for children! Of course, such rides can lose their charm in the eyes of children if you control them too much. What fascinates phrases like: stop! Wait! Don't drive! Slower! You will fall, get hurt! Rather, in the long run, they begin to form associations that riding a bike or a scooter is something dangerous that has little to do with joy.dra.

Understandably, you want to protect children from scare, falls and injuries. However, it must be acknowledged that the latter are also parts of the experience of the little ones that should not be taken away. It is better to take appropriate safeguards already. For example, a helmet, knee or elbow pads. They will make you feel safer for you and your little one who rides a bike or a scooter.i.

Finally, a purchased child vehicle can also be a great way for children to spend time with their peers. And this means that they will inevitably develop their social skills, communicate, negotiate and act together. And most importantly, embark on an unforgettable, exciting childhood adventure!s!

Toys for girls from 4 years

Probably the best gift for a 4 year old girl is a doll. Whether it is a baby doll, a barbie doll or a plush doll, it is special in that it helps to cultivate the care, responsibility, and empathy of the little ones. Girls of this age are interested in various dolls, but perhaps the most popular are those that are sold with various accessories for a pacifier, a drinker, a blanket, a crib, a bath, etc. It is they who allow the care of the little ones to be revealed and overcome.nti“.

Also, according to researchers, dolls or other plush toys help children calm down when they are sad, angry or scared. Because adults do not always notice changes in their behavior or emotional well-being, and they may not always be able to identify it themselves, such measures become a way to keep children off the ice.do“.

Still, it’s stereotypical to think that dolls can be enjoyed or be a great gift just for girls. In some cases, dolls can make boys even more happy than girls. That should not be feared. In this way, the care expressed by children and the desire to take responsibility make it possible to predict which professional path a child will be inclined to take in the future. It is possible that individuals with these characteristics will choose medical, educational or other professional care.

Where to buy these toys?

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The aim is that the goods purchased here not only withstand all the challenges of everyday life, but also maintain a condition that can be donated for use to other families. In other words, the quality of the items would allow them to be used for more than one year, and perhaps not for future generations..

If the idea of consuming less, and buying quality and durable items is more attractive to you, stop by! Subtle design and exclusivity in the offer of the Little Goose store will not allow you to remain indifferent, here even the most picky children will choose a toy for 3-4 year olds!usi!