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Outdoor games for children

What could be more fun than fun and fun games with peers or the whole family? Outdoor games bring together like-minded people, create a fun mood, broaden your horizons, develop memory, thinking and reaction. While playing, children learn to follow set rules, make decisions, develop their imagination, move and play sports. Emotional satisfaction, which creates a sense of community when playing in a team, is also important. So this time it's all about the games!s!

Games are usually divided according to the number of people who can take part in them, the dynamics (i.e. mobile and static games) and the age of the participants. All of these groups, along with some specific examples of games assigned to each group, will be discussed below.

Outdoor games by number of participants

Group games, these are games that involve a group of people of all ages. These games can be both static and dynamic, agile. They need to be understood and overcome by people of all ages involved in the game. Of course, it is necessary to find out the rules of the game and follow them..

grupiniai žaidimai lauke

Here are a couple of examples of group play field games:

  • Pebble game (played by 4-10 people). Each player must have three small small stones. One player is selected who throws one pebble, which becomes the target. Later, everyone in a row throws their pebbles and tries to drop them as close to the target as possible. When all players drop their pebbles, the countdown begins. The pebble that fell closest to the target gets two blades, all the others one by one. The winner is the one who has collected the most blinds.rinko.
  • Dog and hare (plays for 6-10 people). Players choose the fastest participant. He tells the name of the person in the game he would like to catch. He (or otherwise the catcher) is a hare. If, while catching a rabbit, any player crosses the path between the dog and the rabbit, the dog must discard the first player caught and catch the new one. When a dog catches a rabbit, the latter becomes a dog.is tampa „šuniu“.

Pairing games , these are games played in pairs or with two pairs (more players can participate)..

žaidimai lauke poroje
  • The persecutor (played in pairs). One player of the pair throws the ball, and the other mate's task is to obstruct the first ball. If you get in the way you get one ball and play with your ball again. If the first player's ball is not obstructed, the latter also applies his ball to the opponent's ball. Everyone starts from where the ball stops. The winner is the one who collects ten aces first..
  • One at the beater (played in pairs). One player throws the ball and hits it with a batting. The other player in the game stands further and tries to catch the ball. If he manages to catch a ball that has not fallen to the ground, the player goes to throw it. And the one who throws then goes to catch. If the ball lands without being caught, then it is returned to the thrower. The ball must be hit in such a way that it is possible to catch it. The ball cannot be thrown so that it does not roll on the ground..


Games for Kids by Dynamics: Mobile

judrieji žaidimai vaikams lauke

According to the dynamics of the game, games are divided into mobile and static. For sporty and agile players, mobile games are a great choice as they provide an opportunity to move and experience great emotional experiences. When playing them, you need to react quickly, run from one place to another, perform simple movements, catch the ball, jump, actively and creatively adapt to the situation created by the rules of the game. These games are especially popular with curious, agile and fast kids. Here are those mobile games for kids:

  • Wolves. It is played in a spacious place, on the opposite sides a line drawn on the ground marks where the manor is. All players stop at one end or the other end of the line. The wolf stands in the middle and shouts what the wolf is afraid of. No one answers and runs past the wolf to the mansion on the other side. The wolf catches the running players, if it succeeds, it becomes a helper and catches the other players along with the wolf. The one who catches the last one wins, and when you play again, the first one you catch becomes a wolf.utasis tampa „vilku“.
  • The mat is in place. Players stop in a row, next to each other. Everyone puts on a hat for themselves. The presenter walks behind the players and speaks: the fire is burning, the resin is boiling, who is to put the cap on? Finally, he actually puts the scythe in one hat and shouts The scepter is inserted !. Then all the players grab their hats and run away, and the one with the hat in his hat beats the running players. When players stop at another designated location, the game continues. And the man to whom it was put is put on the hat. Two skates at once can help.karto.
  • Catching fish. Players choose a space in which to move. Players are divided into two equal parts. Some are fish, others are fishermen. Fish are flying, i. y. running around the selected area. Fishermen hold hands firmly, catching fish. Caught in the embrace of fishermen, the fish are transported to the fishermen's house. When all the fish are caught, they become fishermen and the fishermen fish. The game continues.s“. Žaidimas tęsiamas.


Children's outdoor games by dynamics: static

When playing them, the movement is minimal, played in one place. So, players don’t have to change places, they don’t have to run, they don’t have to race. However, in these games it is important to think strategically, to anticipate a few steps forward, to be able to adapt to the current situation, to follow the rules of the game exactly..

  • Egg rolling. This game is usually played during the Easter period by rolling painted, colorful eggs. First of all, placed on the ground a stone or a bucket. It is framed by a curved, semicircular tree bark. The egg is allowed to roll in the upper part of the bark. Those eggs that the egg obstructs while rolling are picked up by the renter. And then the eggs are rolled again. If the egg did not interfere with the other eggs, it is left to lie down. The winner is the rider who collects the most eggs. Before starting the game, all players roll one egg and only then start playing. It is important for the rider to choose the right egg, to run it in such a way as to earn the highest possible catch.“.
  • What do you smell We find a lawn where flowers grow. Players choose a flower, each different. The player blindfolds and builds in the middle of the lawn. Everyone takes his flower in turn, the player can sniff, touch and have to guess the name of the flower. The player who recognizes the most flowers wins.


Outdoor games by age of participants

It is advisable for players of a similar age to play in these games in order to be able to perform certain tasks or actions. Fun, energy and action games evoke fun emotions, a cheerful mood, teach you to play in a team, share roles.

  • Aries. Players choose a ram from among themselves. He stands up in the position of a ram bending his knees, resting his hands on them and tilting his head. All the players accelerate and dance with their legs crossed over his back, resting their hands on the shoulders of the ram. He who fails to jump a ram without obstructing him becomes a ram himself. „avinu“.
  • Pigeons. A circle is drawn on the ground for pigeons. Players choose a host and a hawk. All other remaining players play the role of pigeons. The pigeons run into a circle drawn on the ground. By allowing the host to fly, the pigeons can get out of the wheel and run around the designated area. When the master shouts: the pigeons, the hawk, the hawk is flying !, everyone is in a hurry to come back, and the hawk is catching them at that time. If any pigeon is caught while continuing the game, it also becomes a hawk. This game can also be played while swimming in a shallow body of water.me vandens telkinyje.

So, as you have already had the opportunity to notice, games are a great activity to discover unfettered freedom, a desire to learn, to discover, to experience. It is a suitable way to meet new people, make friends, share experiences, knowledge. It is a way for children to learn and teach self-control, self-control, to evaluate others and their actions, to learn to work in a team and to help a team member when needed. Finally, you will definitely have great emotions while playing and actively spend time together. So everyone goes to nature, visiting the countryside can be a unique experience, if you do not miss the opportunity and diversify your time with games.is.


Outdoor games - let's learn from others

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