Lietus – vaikų džiaugsmas ir tėvų siaubas: kaip išrinkti geriausią lietaus aprangą? -

Rain - children's joy and parents' horror:how to choose the best rainwear?


Springtosibbut the weather remains unpredictablejami. For many tparents ask how to dress their children The best clothes for such a mud-rainy seasonrūbai. Tabefore rushing to buy them, it is worth knowing how outchoose the bestand the most appropriaterainwear setyour children.

Running in the rain, playing in the mud is the greatest joy for children. However, many parents may admit that seeing their child get ready to dance to a high score often results in one big cry coming out of their lips!!“.

„Rainwear is suitable for rainy spring, summer or autumn weather. By choosing a functional set of rainwear, it will serve children not even for one, but for several seasons, until the first cooler weather. Children will be able to play without fear of getting wet, and for parents, it will take away the worries of being constantly looking for the right clothes for their little ones, says Henrika Pavlauskienė, the manager of the children's goods store Little gooseienė


What a parašyta labelseje?

When choosing a set of rainwear, it is important to pay attention not only to its appearance, but also to the functionality of the clothing should be comfortable, windproof, waterproof and slightly larger so that children can move and play freely. 

„We live in Northern Europe, so our climate is characterized by humid, erratic and windy weather, even during the warm season. Our experience has shown that the best experts in functional clothing are Scandinavians, so it is natural that brands such as the Danish Konges Sløjd or the Swedish Mini Rodini can offer high-quality rainwear, says Little Goose. vadovė.

If the label states that the garment has glued seams, you can be sure that it is waterproof. And if it is waterproof, then it will be waterproof. The water resistance of the fabric, marked in millimeters (mm) and indicating the level of water permeability of the fabric, is important and indicated on the label.

If you only use rainwear for walks in the city and do not plan to be outdoors for a long time, rainwear that can withstand light to moderate rainfall of 2000-5000 mm is quite sufficient. If you like longer walks with children, trips to nature, are not afraid to spend time in the rain or your child attends an outdoor kindergarten then choose at least 5000-8000 mm waterproof clothing. And if the 10,000 mm indicator on the rainwear label, such a set will be suitable for almost any weather conditions.gų.


Wear rain pants rubber on rain boots

Another mistake that, according to experts, many parents make the rubber on the bottom of rain pants is put inside the shoes, on the child’s foot. However, they should always be placed on the outside, on the sole of rain boots, so the pants will not rise up and your children will be able to splurge freely on the balls and their feet will remain dry. 

It is advisable to choose rain pants with replaceable rubber bands. Due to frequent wear or drying in the dryer, they start to crack. So it is better to spend a few euros to replace them than to look for new clothes when the tires break.

Rain pants can come with adjustable length straps that can be increased or decreased depending on your child’s height, or without straps with rubber at the waist. The latter are recommended for slightly older children, usually from 4 years of age.ų.


Longžiairankswork rain boots

Another important part of rainwear is rain boots. We can choose from many rain boots, but not all of them are durable. Some shoes don’t even keep the whole season from cracking or starting to let in water. It is often better to buy slightly more expensive but high quality shoes that you can later pass on to smaller siblings or cousins or sell to protect the environment. 

„Handmade and multi-layer rubber rain boots will be better and more durable than those cast on mold at the factory. It is also worth noting that the rubber inside of the shoe attracts cold, so it is better to choose with an easy-to-clean and quick-drying nylon lining. Of course, beautiful design also gives children a lot of joy. It is always more fun to run through the score with such colored rubbers as Sticky Lemon, advises H. Pavlauskienė.enė.


Safe medžiagos and rubiquitous care

Unfortunately, the restrictions on toxic substances that apply to children’s toys do not apply to products such as rainwear or shoes. Therefore, when looking for rainwear, pay attention to the composition as well. Choose products that do not contain PVC, phthalates, lead and / or heavy metals, in addition to PFC-based waterproof materials such as Teflon and PFOA Teflon and other materials component. Safe products are made of natural rubber, as well as nylon and polyurethane fabrics..

„We recommend that you choose and offer in your store only rainwear and shoes made of safe materials. We want our children and our customers to grow up in a safe environment. We offer a selection of rain boots made of natural rubber. It is 100% waterproof and elastic. This makes rain boots flexible, comfortable and easy to wear. Meanwhile, our rainwear has the IONIC-FINISH ECO label for environmentally friendly clothing and the OEKO-TEX Standart 100 label, proving that fabrics are safe and have been tested for harmful substances, says the head of Little Goose.“ vadovė.

If you want to enjoy your rainwear for a long time and pass it on to others later, be sure to review the care instructions attached to the clothes and follow the recommendations carefully. Clothes can not only be cleaned with a cloth, but also at the specified temperature. Be sure to contact store consultants for maintenance as well. article