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The most popular names for children in 2022-2023

Children's names dowry, given for life. The influence of a name on a child can be really great, so it is very important to think carefully about what name should accompany your child throughout his life. Children's names should not have negative associations, should not have abbreviations that sound unattractive to you. In addition, before choosing a name, check the meanings of names, sometimes they carry really surprising messages. We believe in wishing the best for your offspring, so why not give them a name that has great meaning. This article includes not only the most popular baby names in 2022, but also pagan names, holy names, rare names and short baby names.i.

Pagan names and their meanings

Pagan names are still quite popular among newborns. Here, talent (goddess of fire) ar Austea (goddess of the bee) keeps appearing on the popular name charts. Lithuania is also often born Joris (god of spring Thunder and greenery) ar Wind (omniscient and omniscient almighty heavenly being, creator of the universe). Pagan names surely travel with time and are increasingly rediscovered. For example, it can be noticed that in the last decade there is a new rebirth Whirlwind (an underworld spirit that appears before a storm). Pagan names for girls have already become classics Laima (deciding the fate of people at birth, patronizing mothers, patroness of women, watched over mothers, patronized newborns, their health and destiny) Dalia (goddess who distributes fate), Mild (goddess of love, courtship and freedom) although not very popular now among newborns, but occupying honorable places in the name lists, just like A nail (giant) ar Žilvinas ( a mythical creature that lived at the bottom of the lagoon, the man of Eglė, the king of snakes).

Holy names and their meanings

Holy names are also still relevant. These are the names of Christian Saints and Blesseds, with which babies are still baptized. Ada and Ada (germ. noble, noble), Adam (the first man created by God) and Adele (Ger. noble manner, noble nature), Agota (good, noble) and echo (echo derivative) , Daria (derivation of the first name Darius) and Dominic (born on the Lord's Day, Sunday), Emilia (impetuous, unsurpassed) and Elijah (Greek sun), Eve (the first woman created by God) and John (Heb. heard by God, blessed), Justina (lat. correct, virtuous) and Jacob (Heb. following God) Carolina (lat. small and strong) and Caius (lat. I am glad), Christina (Greek chosen) and Cornelius (lat. horn or wild cherry), Leah (Heb. weary, grieved or hurt) and Lukas (Latin resident of Lucania) these are just a few names attributed to saints that are still relevant and given to little ones..

Rare names and their meanings

Every child is unique, so Lithuanians do not resist giving their little one a truly unique, and sometimes the only such name in Lithuania. Here, Latvian origin Dawn (lat. dawn) since 2010, 11 girls have been named, and 11 boys have received Whirlwind name Since 2010 10 saw the world Willows. We can be happy that mythological names are also attracting the attention of parents in 2012. the only one registered Lightning since 1999 Another really unique and unusual name for a girl Goodbye (derivative of German Ada, Adele, meaningnoble manner, noble nature). Under that name since 2010. 2 girls were named in Lithuania. And here it is I'll smell it (believed to be a derivation of the Hebrew name Noah) named after 3 boys. Among the rare names, there is also Trevor (English Trevor is derived from peasant surnames, city names meaningbig village), Keiron (the origin of the name is disputed), Goddess (lit. god, god, goddess, goddess) and Madeira (the origin of the name is disputed).

Short names and their meanings

Short names are usually simple and easy to remember. Every family, when choosing a name for their child, probably adapts it a little to the last name, well, if this one is particularly long, parents usually look for short names for children. Among the popular names (more than 100 names per year), two-syllable names still remain Lukas (from Lucania), Matt (Matthew short. Heb. God's gift), Ada (Greek noble), Mark (Latin dedicated to the god of war), Noah (Heb. peace, rest), Ben (Heb. son), John (Heb. God is merciful), Hercules (germ. lord of the house), Joris (in Lithuanian mythology, god of spring, watchman of the earth) Emma (German universal, universal), Eve (Heb. vital, giving life), Leah (Heb. tired), It's a shame (lit. thought, dream, honor, glory, honoured), July (lit. name of month or tree), Hope (lit. belief that it will come true, hope), Sand (lit. fine sand), Rusne (lit. nickname, also the place of eternal fire of the pagans). A little rarer, but beloved short names Dan (Heb. Daniel short for god is my judge), Pius (lat. pious, godly), Healing (lit. revive, grow, live, recover), Morning (lit. morning) Luke (Greek: Lukanietė, from Lucania), Jore ( lit. in mythology, Joris, god of spring, watchman of the earth), Joan (the meaning of the name John, meaning God is merciful), Honey (lit. honey or tree).

The most popular names for children

The most popular baby names in 2022 mostly came from the 2021 name chart, but there are also new ones. The first place in the list of the most popular names is displayed Sofia (Gr. Wisdom) and Mark (Latin dedicated to the war god Mars).Takes second place Emilia (lat.aemulus – supporter, follower, follower, contender) and Ben (Heb. son). The third most popular baby names on the list Lukne (lit. nickname Luknė) and Jacob (Hebrew name. Jacob was the patriarch of the Jewish tribes). In fourth place is the most popular name of 2021 Amelia (germ. work) and Dominic (Latin: Day of God, Sunday). It occupies the fifth position of the list Camille (lat.cammilus – minister of religious rites) and Hercules (Germ. ruler of the house, master). In sixth place in the chart of most popular children's names Leah (Heb. tired, Assyrian lady, ruler) and Lukas (Greek from Lucania).


A child's name is like an accessory that decorates and accompanies your child throughout his life. A well-thought-out and responsibly chosen name can carry a really important message, and some people say that it can highlight certain traits. However, we believe that every loving father, wishing the best for his child, will choose the most suitable name for the child. If the baby's birthday is very close and you still haven't chosen a name, don't worry too much, some parents just feel the names as soon as they see the baby for the first time. Well, to make waiting for the little princess or prince more fun and to have everything you need when the offspring sees the world, take care in advance baby products.