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Gift ideas for children aged 1-7

Ask what you would give the children, you would probably not even hesitate to say toys! Probably everyone will agree that this is the most joyful gift for children and the safest gift for the giver. Still, things are not that simple. With the desire to buy a gift toy for a child when you come to the store, you may lose your hand: which particular toy to choose from so many Which one will be the most suitable for the gift recipient Finally, will the child be interested in playing with itisti?

For those who take a hand and say I will take any toy that first appears on the shelf, we have a rather poor knowledge. The chances of you accidentally picking a toy that the recipient likes is extremely low. Therefore, before purchasing one or another product, it is advisable to find out what age it is intended for a child and who is most interested in children of that age. Lastly, it’s ideal to find out which games the gift recipient himself or herself prefers to cheer on.ės.

What to give to children aged 1-7?

It is not easy to choose what would suit and please a child aged 1-7. Therefore, even if you buy the same toys or games for the little ones, you may be asking for a pass. Why Child psychologists could best answer this question. During the first seven years of life, every child learns a great deal. Just think, from a helpless baby in a crib from one side to the other who can’t turn over, he becomes a thoughtful person with his own opinion, able to write and read! And where are all the subtleties of getting to know the world around us and behaving in different circumstances ... Obviously, this year is intense for children, and every day is simply inseparable from the acquisition of new knowledge and skills..

Accordingly, each age of a child is susceptible to certain abilities and knowledge acquisition. At the same time, said receptivity stimulates the child's interest in certain activities or objects. In one age, bright colors are especially important, in another they lose their meaning. In another, the size of the toys, their functionality, the possibility to adapt them to different children's employment activities become important. All this is not news for child producers. Therefore, in order to quickly choose a gift, first of all look for recommendations indicating the age of the children on the toy packaging. And for those interested in specific gift samples for children of different ages, here are some examples:ių:

Gifts for a 1 year old child

  • Bath Book Color Me: Whos in the Pond.?“. This is a unique gift for a 1 year old child! She will not only introduce the baby to various animals during the bathing, but will also shine in different colors as soon as water touches her pages. In this way, the black and white pages will become eye-catching drawings that children will simply not be able to remain indifferent to. And who could do such a miracleui?
  • Train Ocean.. It is a train made of wood, the components of which are various geometric shapes. Herein lies the uniqueness of this train! The child can form a train of the desired composition, and if necessary, simply engage in the construction of buildings, towers or even the city from separate wooden blocks. This functionality of the Little Dutch train will not allow it to remain dusty on the toy shelf.oje.

Gifts for 2 years old children

  • „Little Dutch tractor. It is a stylish, pastel-colored wooden tractor with a trailer that can line up to 4 wooden vehicles. It is an indispensable toy for preferred games with typewriters. In addition, this tractor, suitable for children from the age of 18 months, does not have sharp details and corners. So you can be sure that the games will not end in unexpected tears for the little ones.s.
  • Puzzle Little Goose 4 in 1.. It is a puzzle made of cardboard, which is perfect for first acquaintance with the principle of puzzles as such. This set consists of 4 different puzzles. Each is made up of a different amount of detail. So, starting with just a 4-piece puzzle, you will soon be able to put together a puzzle of 16 pieces together or independently! You will not find a better gift for a 2 year old child!

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Gifts for 3 years old children

  • Little Dutch“ garage. It is an indispensable tool for developing children’s creativity and imagination. Thanks to this garage with a fuel column and a helipad, many different stories can be born! And a few wooden typewriters, a helicopter and road signs will help to visualize them. What could be better, especially if the company has more people willing to playi?
  • Tower game. For those looking for a gift for children 3 years old, we can say that this is probably the best option! This game is timeless. It is fun for both a three-year-old baby and an elementary school student or teenager. Who can not give in to this passion to build a tower from colorful blocks, and then pull one of them out of the tower ... but by no means allowing it to collapse!ti!

Gifts for 4 years old children

  • Where is the ... Cheese game?“ This is a fun gift choice for children 4 years old. Your main goal is to help the chef find the ingredients needed to prepare the meal as quickly as possible. It is a game that develops memory, attention and reaction and can be played alone or in pairs. But always the most fun in the company of more or less friends or family!oje!
  • Tattoos Medieval, Nature, Magique and others.r kt. You may still remember yourself as a child when tattoos were one of those great and special treasures Time is running out, but some things don’t change. Therefore, possibly donating one of these, temporary tattoo kits, will remain in your child's memory for a long time precisely because of the choice of gift. It is important to note that these tattoos are safe for skin contact. This was confirmed by studies carried out by the European Union institutions.mų.

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Gifts for 5 year olds

  • Stamp Game Bam! Create Your Animals.. For those looking for a gift for children 5 years old, a game of stamps can be a lifeline. It is a creativity game where you can create various animals and their habitat with the help of stamps. Or maybe even create an entire story that would go down in the included booklet Encourage your child to become a creator! The ability to create potentially in life will help open more than one door..
  • „Waytoplay Expressway. It is a versatile game that can be used both at home and outdoors. The 16 components that make up the road set allow them to be put in the desired path, which can be used for typing or more. This game, which develops fine motor skills, also develops creativity and encourages you to get out of the situation with the limited tools available. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to use your imagination!!

Gifts for 6 year olds

  • Multiplication game Multiplications.. Thanks to this game, the child will be able to spend time not only fun, but also meaningfully and usefully. This is a quick and fun way to learn the multiplication table from 1 to 12. It is not necessary to set a goal to learn the multiplication table in a day. In just 10-15 minutes a day and fast, the child will outgrow the adult members of their family with computational abilities. So if you can play and learn at the same time why noti?
  • Puzzle Discover the World.. This is a wonderful gift for a 6 year old child. Made from recycled cardboard and paper, this puzzle not only develops concentration, the ability to concentrate and notice the smallest details in the puzzle, but also to orient yourself by applying the necessary details, such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and others. Are you ready for such a gift to invite your child to overcome this puzzle challengekį?

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Gifts for children 7 years and older

  • Puzzle Japanese Rock.“. For those looking for a gift for children aged 7 or older, it is recommended to choose an artistic puzzle from the Londji manufacturer, which consists of as many as ... 1000 pieces! This is a serious challenge. However, a child who overcomes it will be able to be proud of their achievement, develop self-confidence and independence. It should be noted that this manufacturer offers and more puzzles to choose the one you like the most!iai!
  • Game Home, Sweet Home!” This is a game for 3-5 people to play. A game that causes a lot of laughter and good emotions dictates simple rules, if you want to win you have to react quickly and ... count. Simple but correct arithmetic operations and the straightest way to victory! By using math cards this way, children have the opportunity to feel what it means to have the joy of learning and learning!!

Where to buy these toys?

All of the above toys can be purchased at the Little Goose online store. As the range of goods delights the wide range, it is definitely a great place to lookgifts for children, no matter what age they are. But Little Goose shelves aren’t just toys, they’re lined up here as well children's accessories, clothing, shoes, bathing equipment, but also textiles, dishes, bottles and furniture. So, in short, it is almost an ideal place to discover original design, quality and sustainable toys and other goods that bring a lot of joy to those who use them!!