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Toys for children 1-2 years

The first two years are extremely intense in a child’s life. During this time, the baby develops rapidly and learns a lot. Obviously, he starts to sit on his own, eat, take his first steps, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. After all, most changes in a child’s growth and development, which include sensory, physical development, and thinking, are difficult to spot or clearly identify.i.

For those who can help educate their little ones in their first year of life, the answer is simple. It is a focus and well-chosen tools for joint activities. What are they After several presented alternatives, i. toys, depending on the age of the child, can be found below.u.

Toys for children 1-2 years

How to choose toys for children 1-2 years

What to look for when choosing tools that will not only become an integral part of children's play, but also education What toys are best for a 1-year-old childi?

Of course, children of this age are most attracted to bright, contrasting colors. Therefore, if you choose this type of toy, you will soon notice that it is they who will get more attention from their little ones than other, muted tons of toys.

It is also important to note that the tool chosen should have as many features as possible. Since children 1-2 years old can keep their attention for a short time, and any activity quickly wakes up, it’s important to discover more ways to use one game or another. So before choosing one or the other game, note how many different ways there are to use it. If you choose to hurry, your home may soon become like a store with a large supply of goods, and maybe even a crowded warehouse for unused toys ...

Finally, it is recommended to choose toys according to the age recommended by the manufacturer. This means that it is not worth buying play equipment that says on the packaging that it is intended for younger or, conversely, older children. It should be borne in mind that before placing a product on the market, the manufacturer must study it for a long time, relying on research and other data to develop a toy that best suits the needs and abilities of the child of a particular age. And also develop the senses, motor skills, coordination, etc. accordingly..

Toys for children from 1 year

So what to choose for a 1-year-old child How to know whether the chosen instrument will be interesting for him to play, will attract his attention In the end, whether it is possible to get a gift for a baby who can be guaranteed that it will be the child's main employment measure In fact, yes, there is! And so much so that it can be hard to count. However, here are some ideas that can help you find the best gift for your baby:iui:

  • Little Dutch formula sorter. It is a game that requires creativity and patience, which teaches the little one to recognize shapes and colors. And it also definitely develops hand-eye coordination. In addition, blocks of various shapes can be used creatively. Use them as tools in other activities with your baby. For example, building a city from wooden blocks or the like.
  • Little Dutch slider. It is a tool that develops a child's attention and concentration, fine motor skills and gives a lot of great emotions! On the one hand, it can serve as a vehicle for carrying toys. On the other hand, the colored blocks placed in the slider become the most real puzzle you will need to work on to put them together! This tool and other toys from 1 year of age not only develops movements, but also encourages thinking and finding a way out of the situation.
  • Little Dutch soft training book. One-year-olds are also attracted by soft books made of different textures. They are not common for us adults. These soft books are full of various tasks for children of this age to unlock, fasten, remove or put on ... To overcome the latter, the little ones' fingers are enabled to work. In this way, fine motor skills, coordination of movements and eyes are actively developed..

Toys for children from 2 years

Kids ages two and up will enjoy games with finer details. If toys for children from the age of 1 are made in a way that is comfortable to hold, this trend is reversed in games for babies from the age of two. In this way, the aim is to respond to evolving abilities and provide space for further development, improved fine motor skills, movement coordination, and more.

  • Little Dutch blocks. It is a game tool that can be called a classic. Almost everyone can remember playing as a child with wooden blocks when building cities, towers, castles or various race tracks ... A set of these 50 blocks can give the same memories to your baby in the future. The advantage of this set is the possibility to choose from two color ranges: pink and blue. Blocks enlivened with the above colors are also embossed with various drawings.ais.
  • Wooden typewriters. This is one of the tools you can do without children's games! Whether you’re collecting a gift for a girl or a boy, wooden cars can be a great, attention-grabbing, engaging tool. Especially if the game is combined with other means of building a building made of blocks, a car track, etc. Just use a little imagination to make your little one’s cars an integral part of ever new stories.i.
  • Little Dutch car track. It’s a four-story track that, when you start the car, it rolls down from one floor to the next. The set of this track also includes four wooden cars, so no additional tools will be needed to test this track. In other words, take care of everything you need to start a breathtaking race now!!

Educational toys for children 1-2 years

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to those who ask what educational toys would be best for children from 1 year of age. Especially since it is difficult to measure exactly how much one or another toy has actually contributed to the improvement of the baby's abilities. Still, it’s worth paying attention to such educational tools that often go unnoticed by us. Here are some examples:

  • Bath books. It is a special educational tool that will leave an impression not only on children but also on adults. Not only will she introduce little ones to various aquatic animals, but she will also be enchanted by her magic! The white-and-black drawings of Whos in the Pond, Whos in the Water, and Who is in the Ocean will turn colorful when in contact with water! So, every page of the booklet will give you the effect of surprise and joy of discovery!o džiaugsmą!
  • Little Dutch balance game Little Goose. The task on the wooden swinging goose is to put as many wooden chickens and eggs as you can! All of this may seem like a laugh job. Still, one careless move can cause everything you put on a goose to fall off it! This is a great activity both for the little one to play with and for the other family members. And in addition to such good qualities as training in hand and eye coordination, this game will also help your little one to achieve their goal, cultivate patience and attention.gumą.
  • Little Dutch puzzle rainbow. This puzzle is extremely versatile due to its shape. Not only does it perform the function of a puzzle, but it can also be used to build cities, tunnels or bridges from wooden blocks. You can also create your own improvised balance game using the details of this puzzle. Finally, this game will definitely be useful for older children as well, especially learning the secrets of balance or the law of gravity.

Where to buy these toys?

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