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St. Easter for children: games and ideas for a memorable holiday

St. Easter is the celebration of Christ's resurrection, rebirth, birth of life, awakening of nature, which is closely associated with the symbol of life - the egg. Even in paganism, the egg was considered a symbol of the cosmos, the origin of life, and fertility. It was believed that when an egg is broken, the snake of life comes out of it, so eggs were broken, rolled, and decorated during this holiday. True, egg printing had another, magical meaning. The symbols drawn on the eggs were like the embodiment of desires and wishes - the suns symbolized the wish of the sun, light to vegetation, stars - bright nights, snakes - vigilance of life. Even the colors of daisies had special meanings - red symbolized life, yellow - crops, blue - sky, green - vegetation, black - earth. Since old St. Easter was a big holiday for children, because various Easter games and riddles were organized during them, and there were very cool Easter customs.

For children about St. Easter

Talking to children about Easter is simply necessary. These are our traditions, our roots and our heritage. In addition, like St. Christmas and St. Easter can be really cool and interesting! If St. Christmas is more associated with family, relatives and peace, it is St. Easter - family, friends, joy, frenzy and mischief. Our ancestors had strong Easter traditions, which, unfortunately, are disappearing little by little. However, the details of customs and games are still visible in Easter games for children, Easter decorations, table or home decorations, but unfortunately, we no longer always recognize their meanings.

Easter ideas for kids

Today St. Easter is celebrated much more modestly. Over time, we forget that our ancestors loved St. Easter customs and games. However, this spring festival still brings the joy of life, rebirth and renewal, and awakening nature invites play and mischief. St. Easter still brings many beautiful moments for children. In order to make it easier for children to understand about Easter, and for the holiday itself to bring a lot of joy, below we present you 5 Easter ideas, or what fun and lively things can be done during St. Easter.

Home decoration

One of the fun Easter ideas is to decorate the house together. About a week before St. On Easter, we suggest going with the whole family for a walk in the forest, a forest or a larger park, looking for so-called kittens, exploding birches or other tree branches. After collecting them, taking them home and immersing them in a vase with water during St. At Easter, you will have a particularly beautiful Easter tree, which you can later decorate with handmade decorations! Did you know that our ancestors used to decorate the Christmas tree not only during St. Christmas, but also during St. Easter? True, it was a slightly different Christmas tree - spruce branches were tied to a straight stick and formed into a cone shape. Small bird's nests twisted from straw, moss or twigs were placed in such a fir tree, in which the eggs were laid. In total, the Christmas tree was decorated with 9 or 12 eggs, because these numbers have a magical meaning. The Christmas tree was also decorated with ginger kittens, paper flowers, and bird-shaped cookies.

Making decorations

Easter can bring a lot of creativity to children and their parents. Together with the children, you can make various decorations - draw pictures, color the eggs cut out of paper, pierce them with a thread and hang them on the Easter tree; decorate eggshells with colored paper, pencil shavings, dried flowers, sedges or simple straws. You can also weave an Easter wreath from twigs packing buds, decorate them with artificial eggs, ribbons, flowers. Such an afternoon of Easter crafts will be fun not only for children, but also for their parents!

Egg printing

Another activity that requires no less care and artistry is egg printing. You can decorate polka dots even with the smallest ones. In stores, you will definitely find safe tools for the smallest ones to decorate Easter eggs. Try the simplest or specially designed stickers for polka dots, color with felt-tip pens, wax crayons. You can also print eggs in natural ways - choose a variety of greens growing in the field, cover the uncooked egg generously with it, tie it with a thin non-staining material (mother's old tights are best for this 😊), and tie it with thread. Dip the wrapped egg in the decoction of onion skins. After about 12 hours Heat the decoction with the egg and cook for about 10 minutes. Unwrap the boiled egg from the bedding and you will have a wonderful marguerite without any chemical dyes! With older children, you can try wax printing.

Making Easter masks

Easter is not only a holiday of greenery, but also of animals. Together with your offspring, you can make bunny or teddy bear ears, tails or noses. Together, you can dress up as animals and organize a cool play or imitate characters from your favorite book! Such an activity will develop children's imagination, creativity, and teach them to react quickly to new situations. Making your own piles or clothes will develop fine motor skills.

Prepare the Easter table together

Easter will be even more memorable for children if you prepare meals or table decorations together. Together, you can make various dishes, such as white scones, stuffed eggs, layered scones or others. Even folding Easter napkins can become an interesting attraction. At the same time, you can come up with a program for the Easter lunch - decide what you will do, what games you will play, where you will roll polka dots.

Easter games with children

Old Easter customs and games can be a really cool way to spend more time together. Below are 5 Easter games for the whole family.

Daisy rolling

A particularly fun and interesting Easter game for children is daisy rolling. Eggs are rolled through a special trough. In ancient times, it was believed that the one whose egg rolled the farthest would be especially lucky that year. Today, a slightly different adaptation of the polka dot rolling game is known - each player aims to collect as many polka dots as possible. All players roll their checkers in turn, trying to touch their opponent's checker with their checker. If an egg gets in the way of another egg, then the roller picks it up - similar to a chase. Whoever has the most eggs at the end of the game wins.


When was the last time you saw each other? Some ethnologists claim that our ancestors did this at least once a year - St. Easter day. It is true that scientists do not fully agree on the meaning of swaying. Some claim that the surrounding was imitated the shaking of grain or flax, waiting for a good harvest. It was believed that the higher you climb, the better the harvest will be. Other scholars claim that the rocking was considered an allusion to rocking a child in a cradle. During St. Those who want to get married had Easter around them.

Daisy in a spoon

It's a really simple but very fun game. All you need is a spoon and a spoon. All participants take a spoon in one hand. He puts a tag in that spoon and tries to move it from one point to another as quickly as possible. Whoever moves the daisy the fastest wins. If this game turned out to be too easy, try biting the spoon.

Margučiai hiding places

This is a game that requires attention and speed. And playing it is very simple - one of the participants hides the agreed amount of checkers, and the others go to look for them. Whoever finds the most polka dots wins. Of course, this game can also be played with one seeker or one egg.

Margučiai bush

As you may have guessed, this is probably the best known daisy smashing game. During the beating, the strength of the egg is tested - one player holds the egg, and the other - smashes it. The winner is the one whose egg doesn't crack or cracks the least.

Organize an unforgettable Easter for the whole family!

Easter can be a truly memorable holiday for children. Easter games and other activities for children can become not only great entertainment, but also introduce them to the traditions of our ancestors. St. Easter can be a great opportunity to remember old traditions, introduce them to your children, play and enjoy a good time. Well, if you are running out of game ideas or need an Easter gift idea for your grandmother , puzzles and games for children can be a great choice. We wish you a sunny, happy and full of laughter St. Easter!