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Girls' names are the first puzzle for parents

Every mother and every father wants the very best for their daughter, and happiness, and success, and health, and love, and they often try to reflect all this in the name they give. It's no secret that the Lithuanian nation has vivid naming traditions that come from both biblical and pagan times. Some girls' names are called holy, others ancient, but we should not forget that, first of all, the chosen name must please the parents. We understand how challenging it can sometimes be to find the most suitable name, so in this article we present to you the rarest, sacred, ancient, Lithuanian, short and most popular names for girls.i.

Choosing names for girls: what is important when choosing a name for a girl?

When choosing a name for a girl, it is based on far from one criterion. Some seek rare, unheard of name , which would not raise associations with no other girls or women, others, on the contrary choose the names of their grandmother, mother or give their daughter the name of a particularly loved, respected or successful person. Some tend to be picky Lithuanian names, others look to global ones , some want traditional , others unique . Often, not only Christian families look around list of holy names , and those who nostalgically remember the pagan times of their ancestors are looking at names of pagan deities tables. When alone looking short and easy name , others long and solemn , which would give their daughter the image of a manor. Probably, every parent checks and meanings of names , considers whether he matches the last name , interested in what message does it carry? name However, no matter what shelves of names you browse, the most important thing is that you choosea name you and your family would love. You probably don't want to spend your whole life calling your daughter a name that has negative associations with you or is simply ugly.

Lithuanian girls' names

There are those who believe that the most beautiful names are Lithuanian girls' names. Indeed, the Lithuanian language is extremely beautiful, so you should not be afraid of Lithuanian options. Below we present you 5 Lithuanian girl names..

  • July (the name comes from the name of a Lithuanian tree or monthJuly);
  • Sea (the name comes from Lithuanianthe sea title);
  • River (the origin of the name is associated with a Lithuanian wordthe river);
  • Spruce (the name is derived from the Lithuanian evergreen conifer tree fir trees);
  • It's a shame (the name comes from the Lithuanian worda good thought, a dreamnė. Lithuanian wordgood luck also meanshonor, glory, respect).

Ancient names for girls

Old names for girls are often also of interest to fathers. Mostly they are considered noble, because they belonged to the wives and daughters of nobles. Below we present you the most popular 16th century. names for women, girls and girls.

  • Birute (Derivation from the nameBira. Originated from the Lithuanian wordbirute, birute small, of small buildo);
  • Ona (from HebHannah the Graciousi,merciful);
  • Danute (The diminutive of the nameDana Dana – nameDaniela abbreviation From Hebrewdaniyel God is my judges);
  • Elizabeth (Polish version of the name Elizabet, diminutive form. Derived from HebrewElisheva I swear to Godu);
  • Aldona (Derivation ofAlda, Alde. It is a name of Lithuanian origin, derived from the wordaldas echo, sounds).

Sacred names for girls

Saint names for girls are another very popular choice. Babies are often given biblical names to wish them all the best. Below are the top 5 sacred baby girl names..

  • Adele (the name comes from a Germanic nameAdalheid, which consists of elementsadal is nobles andheyway,nature);
  • Agota ( derived from the Greek word agathos good);;
  • Barbora ( the name comes from i sh Greekbarbara foreigner, foreigners; In Lithuania, this name is often associated with nobles);
  • Isabella (this is the Lithuanian version of the Spanish or Portuguese name Elizabet, a diminutive form. From HebrewI swear by Elishevau God);
  • Maria (There are several versions of the origin of the name. Some say it is of Hebrew originMiriam– of bitterness the sea. According to other versions, the rootmr- can meanthe rebellious Mother of God who wanted a baby. However, the most likely version is that the name comes from an Egyptian rootmry-sweetheart).

Short names for girls

Often, parents do not want to give their little ones long and difficult names, so they choose somewhat shorter ones. Here are 5 short girl names for you:

  • Ana (from HebrewHannahpious);
  • Emma (Short for Emilia or derived from a Germanic elementermen- universal, universal);
  • Ada (may be an abbreviation of the name Adele. Adele from the Germanic name Adalheid, which consists of elementsadal is nobles andheyway,nature; may also be of Hebrew originadhaornament,decoration,dawn);
  • Ula (the origin of the name is Lithuanian, the name comes from the patronymic Ła);;
  • Ina (the meaning of the name has several interpretations: 1) these are names ending in -ina abbreviation, 2) of the nameInocenta, Inesa abbreviation, 3) the name of a Russian martyr, meaning in ancient Greekstrong water).

The rarest names for girls

According to data from the registry center, looking at the girls' names given this millennium, the rarest names for girls are:

  • April (the name comes from the English name of the month of April (April). This name can be derived from the Latin wordaperitif (to open, to unfold, to unfold (in reference to flower buds);
  • Eve (name of Lithuanian origin,Eiv- abbreviation of names beginning with
  • Domicile (the name comes from Latindomitus tamed, tamed, docile);;
  • Juna (the name comes from the Indo-European proto-language rootyu- life force, youthful energy);
  • December (the name comes from Lithuaniandecember (frozen ground, severe frost). December is also the twelfth month of the year).

The most popular names for girls

According to the Registry Center, during the first year of 2022 The most popular girls' names for half a year are:

  • Sofia (translated from ancient Greek wisdom);
  • Emilia (this name derives from the famous ancient Roman surname Aemilius, probably derived from the Latin word fora follower, a follower, a follower, a contender);
  • Lukne (Lithuanian name, derived from the river nameLukne);
  • Amelia (The name comes from a Germanic elementmistletoework. The name probably meanshard-working, hard-working, persistent, but another version is also likely, that the meaning of the name isGod's work/creation);
  • Camille (some scholars claim that the name originates from the ancient Roman surname Camillus, probably of Etruscan origin. Others derive the name from the LatinCammilus. In ancient Romecamels were called ministers of religious rites, which children could be until they reached maturity and only if they were born free citizens and both parents of the child were alive);
  • Leah (this is a Hebrew name, probably derived from a Hebrew word meaningtired out. May also be a Chaldean name meaning Assyrianlady, mistress. In the Old Testament, Leah is the first wife of Jacob and the mother of his seven children);;
  • talent (meaning to cover, to embrace, that which is sacred, that which is precious;Gabija, pagan goddess of fire, guardian of the hearth);;
  • Patricia (From the Latin wordnoble);
  • Elijah (meaning goddess, goddess; in HebrewEliyahu my God is Yahwehė);
  • July (this is a Lithuanian name, derived from LithuanianJuly tree or month name).

The most beautiful girl's name is the name of your choice

However, the most beautiful and suitable name for your daughter is the one you choose. There should be no competition over whose daughter's name is more beautiful, because the same name can mean something completely different to each family. Maybe you don't like the name of your neighbor's daughter, but it can mean a lot to them. Don't panic if you don't have a name chosen by the time your birthday arrives, sometimes babies are born bringshim. When some parents see their baby for the first time, they immediately understand what name would suit her best. Well, to make the first days of your relationship as peaceful as possible, we recommend that you take a look at our online store and take care in advancebaby products.