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Djeco logic board game - Guzzle

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Who is most likely to build their own octopus? Each octopus must have 8 tentacles and the tentacles must all be connected to the head. Be careful not to damage the tentacles while rushing.

The rules of the game: two players compete against each other to be the first to make a perfect octopus. Both players only take pieces of the chosen color - all green or all yellow. It is recommended to group parts of the same type ("tentacle end", "2-way", "4-way") together and put them aside. Before starting the game, the players jointly decide the level of difficulty of the game, which depends on the number of "4-way" pieces. Once the players have chosen the level they want, they start placing their Octopus. An octopus is only considered assembled if it has 8 tentacles connected to its head and they end in a "tentacle end" type detail. The player who lines up the eight correctly three times in a row wins the game.

Attention! Not suitable for children under 3 years old, small parts pose a choking hazard.

Age: from 7 years.
Number of players: 2.


Age:from 7 years oldNumber of players:2


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Loginis stalo žaidimas - Guzzle -
Loginis stalo žaidimas - Guzzle -