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Djeco board game - ABC Dring

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Having a good vocabulary is essential! And what could be better than reviewing it while playing with others. The first player to link the chosen letter with the object in the pictures shown, presses the bell and wins that letter. The first to collect 10 letters wins and is nominated for the fastest and smartest! Give it a try and maybe you will become that person.

Game rules: picture and letter cards are placed in separate piles, face down, in the center. The youngest player is appointed as the game manager. He takes 4 picture cards from the top of the pile and places them face down in the center. He then turns over the letter card and places it next to the pile. Immediately after that, all players must find a word starting with this letter, which is depicted on one of the 4 cards in the center. As soon as one of the players thinks he has found the right word, he also quickly presses the bell. The game contains 35 letter cards, 43 pictures and one bell.


Attention! Not suitable for children under 3 years old, small parts pose a choking hazard.


Age: from 7 years.
Number of players: 2-6
Game duration: 10 min.

Age:from 8 years old.


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About Djeco
Djeco - brand Djeco became an unexpected discovery! Exclusively designed, high-quality, educational toys and games. This French company was created in 1954 as a small family business, but now this company has become known worldwide as a manufacturer of quality toys. France has entered a new gaming era!
Stalo žaidimas - ABC Boom -
Stalo žaidimas - ABC Boom -