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Wee Gallery develops tools for educating newborns. They offer baby cards, soft and bathing booklets, almonds and other baby care items. The uniqueness of this brand is the focus on two colors: black and white, as these are the only colors that a baby under the age of three months can see.s.

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According to Wee Gallery, it is very important for a baby to pay attention to their upbringing and comprehensive education before learning to sit down, crawl or walk. The first months of a child's life are extremely important for his further development, because during this period, the areas responsible for receiving information with the help of the senses, its evaluation, etc. are intensively developed. Considering that newborns up to 3 months of age see the surrounding environment as fog and distinguish only white and black, Wee Gallery has developed educational tools that respond to this. They offer black-and-white books for children, almonds and other products printed in black and white.

Wee Gallery booklets for children are valued for the careful and responsible contribution of the creator to the creation of visual material, presentation and non-traditional solutions. For example, the Wee Gallery bath book Color me can surprise many people. Illustrations created in a combination of black and white are painted in a variety of colors as soon as they come in contact with water. Therefore, it is one of the most popular products of this brand for children, which not only provides playful moments in the water, but also helps to learn this. It is important to note that the products offered by Wee Gallery are made from environmentally friendly materials that are manufactured in GOTS-approved factories. Meanwhile, all the inks used for printing are soy-based, making them completely safe to use for babies as well.ms.