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The Waytoplay brand was born into a family where children especially enjoyed playing in small cars both at home and outdoors. The father of the children, taking into account this hobby of the children, created a set of roads to be created for cars, which proved to be extremely successful. After a long process of developing this product, today Waytoplay can be happy to offer a product that has gained recognition in 60 countries around the world..

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Waytoplay knee kits are a great toy that will delight both girls and boys. These waterproof, flexible roads can be used both indoors and outdoors. Due to their properties, they can adapt to the unevenness of the base on which they are used. As a result, Waytoplay Roads is becoming a tool that perfectly reflects the real world. By connecting roads with turns, intersections and parking lots, children have the opportunity to create a city they like, combining the creative process with other toys they already have. Buildings and parks can erupt around these roads, and cars and other vehicles are constantly on the road..

Waytoplay products for children are worth choosing for 5 reasons. First of all, these are toys designed to serve a lifetime. According to the manufacturer, due to their special properties, these roads are simply undamaged. Second, these toys do not contain any harmful substances or allergens. It can also be used by those children who are allergic to silicone. Third, the toys are extremely easy to care for, easy to clean and water resistant. And that means these roads can even be used in a bath, swimming pool or on the shore of a body of water. Fourth, the products of this brand are sustainable, and the manufacturer has ambitious plans to deliver products from recyclable materials in the near future. Finally, the Waytoplay game for children is a great choice for those who want to develop children's creativity, develop imagination, fine motor skills and coordination of movements.ą.