Those raising babies or children need to visit the textile department more than once. Even if it seemed that everything was in abundance. Blankets, towels, hammocks, soft and gentle bathrobes, portable development mats, almonds and textile toys are just a handful of the items you need sooner or later to raise your baby.

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If necessary, pay attention to the composition of textiles for babies and children. It is recommended to choose products made of natural materials that use organic materials and sustainable production methods. One of the recommendations is organic cotton, which has not been grown with chemicals, fertilizers or other plant growth promoters. Such a material is not only more environmentally friendly, but also does not cause allergies.

It is important to pay attention to the composition of the fabric when choosing clothes for babies. In the warm season, textile products of hydrogen fabrics are recommended. It is advisable to choose clothes from organic cotton, linen, viscose, bamboo fiber fabrics. When wearing them, children will not sweat, because hydrogen tissues do not retain moisture near the body, it evaporates. It is important to note that in the cold season, the most suitable textiles for babies and children are those that contain wool fiber. Merino wool is unique compared to other wool - it warms and prevents the baby from overheating or sweating. In addition, merino wool clothes for children are especially nice, soft, warm and light. Woolen clothing is recommended to be worn as the first layer of clothing, even without wearing the bottom layer of clothing.