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Sticky Lemon is a Dutch brand for children. Founded in 2016, the manufacturer of footwear, backpacks and various accessories for children quickly discovered its circle of loyal fans. Due to the exceptional style of its products, it was quickly loved by both families raising very young children and those whose children are already primary school students.

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Colorful and ... sunny. This would be a brief description of the collections of this brand. When you just catch your eye on them, you want to go back to school. After all, there was so much adventure in it, so much laughter! We’re probably not mistaken in saying that Sticky Lemon backpacks are like a business card for this brand. You will not confuse brightly colored, uniquely designed backpacks with any other! Backpacks of various sizes, capacities and functionals have comfortable extra pockets inside. It also allows you to adjust the length of the backpack handles as needed. But most importantly, Sticky Lemon backpacks are made partly from recycled plastic and have water-resistant properties.

Sticky Lemon pencil cases are also in high demand. They are often chosen to match the design of the backpack. The spacious pencil case holds all the writing and drawing supplies needed for learning and creativity, and the eye-catching design of the pencil case allows you to stand out in a team of classmates. Sticky Lemon rubber boots for kids can also be boldly called a bestseller. Playful rubber boots made of natural rubber are designed for the bravest - who are not afraid of bright colors even on gloomy, rainy days. These shoes have a medium-high upper that protects from rain and pitting water, but allows for complete freedom and comfort. And these boots also make you smile more often - both those who pass them and those who pass by!