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Oli & Carol is a very young, Barcelona-born brand for children that specializes in the production of modern children's toys. From the very beginning, the brand owners said they believed they could create an offer of original toys made from natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Admittedly, the Oli & Carol brand has done a great job!

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The Oli & Carol brand produces rubber toys that perform the function of chews, are perfect for playing during bathing, as well as for the difference in their shapes and textures, and develop the fine motor skills, movement coordination and other significant qualities of babies. Therefore, couples who have recently given birth to a baby are often chosen. Also, toys from this brand are often chosen with the aim of donating them.

The founders of the brand, the sisters Olmpia and Carolina, began to develop this idea of goods for children when they were very young. One of the sisters was 21 at the time, the other only 16. However, the young age and the first serious experience of creation, production and marketing did not frighten the young creators. On the contrary, it has inspired greater ambition and more ambitious deadlines for their implementation. So far, the girls are doing well, the company has been operating successfully for 5 years and is growing steadily. Today, the products of this manufacturer are available in more than 80 countries around the world.

All Oli & Carol toys are made of natural materials and do not contain any particles of plastic. In addition, with its natural rubber toys, it aims to spread the word about a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet around the world. Oli & Carol products are visually very similar to the slices of various fruits and vegetables. The founders of the brand claim that in this way they can shape the worldview of their babies from the very first days of their lives and thus indirectly develop healthy eating habits.