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Nuuroo is a Danish brand that produces goods for children from infancy to 10 years of age. Following high standards of quality and unique design, Nuuroo develops aesthetics that are timeless and long-lasting for the care of babies and children. The business card of this brand is silicone, organic cotton and recycled polyester from which all products are

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The Nuuroo brand for children is valued for its careful selection of production materials. This is an area for which the manufacturer makes no concessions. They must be of high quality and safe for those who use them. The fact that Nuuroo takes a responsible approach to the production process and the end result is proven by the certificates confirming the safety of the products developed by this brand.mą.

Silicone products are one of the most valued categories in the Nuuroo brand for children. The manufacturer's product range includes silicone tools, cups, bottles, straws, jars and plates of various colors. Due to the practical properties of silicone, they are extremely often chosen by families. There is also a rapid jump in demand in the Nuuroo silicone bibs trade. These bibs are special in that they have a wide pocket on the front, into which every bite that does not hit the baby's mouth

Nuuroo backpacks for children and other school supplies are also very popular. Backpacks decorated with playful motifs are made of recycled polyester. Their uniqueness is water resistance and padded backpack handles and back. This ensures that the backpack will be a convenient companion when traveling to lessons or extracurricular activities. The recycled polyester is also used to make large Nuuroo pencil cases and children's wallets. Finally, there is a thermos for children to take with them at school and on various trips. It is suitable for use both in winter and summer, as it keeps the temperature of the drink up to 24 hours when tightly closed..