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Mushie is an American brand that makes baby products. It is best known for its Scandinavian design of silicone baby pacifiers, dishes and utensils made of the same material, colorful cotton blankets, and toys. It is a relatively new brand that soon won the hearts of buyers in products that exude quality, simplicity and Nordic freshness for

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The Mushie brand for children was founded in 2018 after its founder Mushie started expecting a second child. Due to ill health, she had to quit her beloved teaching job and was forced to spend a lot of time resting in bed. Still, the increased abundance of free time has led the woman on a creative path to co-founding with her husband Mushie, who today delights thousands of families around the world with her aesthetically appealing, practical and safe products..

One of the most popular Mushie products is a silicone mat for stretching on a table while your baby is eating. Pleasant to the touch, soft silicone is not only safe but also a practical tool in childcare. This BPA- and phthalate-free food grade silicone is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Mushie dishes, cutlery, small motor skills toys and chews of various designs are made of the same material, which greatly facilitates the germination process of babies' teeth..

It is important to note that although Mushie products are valued for their quality and practicality, they are mostly praised for their product design. Scandinavian minimalism, softly rich colors and unexpected shapes of products are just the combination that simply does not allow to remain indifferent. These unique products for children will definitely be a great gift for couples whose families have recently been joined by babies. Mushie products for children will delight with innovative design solutions, sustainability, ecology and long-lasting quality.