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Moonie is a brand that makes so-called pink noise toys. It is a soothing sound that makes babies calm down and fall asleep more easily. According to researchers, such noise improves the quality of sleep not only in children but also in adults. In addition, the toys made by Moonie have a built-in lamp that comes in handy for baby care at night..

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The uniqueness of Moonie toys lies in the fact that they emit an atmosphere reminiscent of a mother’s womb by emitting a pink noise. During the 18th week of her mother's pregnancy, the baby begins to hear sounds and gets used to the totality of sounds such as heartbeat, breathing and other physiological processes. In addition to all this, babies also hear the outside sounds of the environment, conversations, music, hustle and so on. However, the baby is not heard as clearly as the sounds of the environment we currently hear. They are heard much quieter and thus merge into a solid sound or noise. Such a sound is normal for babies, so it is natural that when they hear the pink noise reminiscent of it, they calm down..

The toys made by the Moonie brand are the only ones that emit pink noise and have a built-in light. It helps already overgrown children get rid of the fear of sleeping alone in a dark room. Also, the toys from this manufacturer are the only ones that can be charged using a USB cable, so they do not require additional batteries. It is also important to note that these toys emit a continuous sound for 60 minutes, after which they automatically switch to standby mode and operate for 3 hours. In standby mode, an external noise sensor is activated, which detects the baby's cry and switches back to the original pink noise mode. This is how this Moonie toy's life cycle starts again.o.