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Mini Rodini is a children's clothing brand founded in 2006 by Swedish illustrator Cassandra Rhodin. She was convinced that children’s clothing and footwear had to match children’s personality, mood and creativity. This idea has led the illustrator to create playful, aesthetic, quality and sustainable clothing for children and continues to this day..

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Looking at the history of the brand since its inception, it is clear that it is a true success story. As soon as Mini View released the first collection of clothes for children, which was sold in a couple of small shops in the Swedish capital, it was just swept away with a broom. So the idea, starting with storing products in boxes at home, quickly grew into a business that could invite buyers to its physical store..

So what was the reason for the success of this brand for children First of all, the responsible choice of sustainable materials from which elastic, blouses, dresses, hats, backpacks and other products for children are made. By following strict rules, Mini Rodini strives for ecology and sustainability not only for the planet we live in, but also for the future of children. As many as 99 percent of this brand of children’s products are made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials. It is also important to note that for ethical reasons, you will not find clothing made of leather, fur, wool, silk, etc. in the Mini Rodini range..

Another, no less important reason that has earned the sympathy of buyers is the clothing design with Scandinavian minimalism, playfulness and surprise effect. Fun, smiley apps, fun covers and unusual modeling solutions really make you feel exceptional. All the more so because the wide selection of clothes for children allows everyone to discover what they like the most: from subtle and minimalist to bright, eye-catching color combinations..