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Londji, a brand founded in Barcelona (Spain) in 2004, brings together the worlds of toys, games and art. Their offer includes goods such as wooden toys, puzzles and various educational games, thanks to which children have the opportunity to develop communication and cognitive competencies, develop self-confidence and their creative powers. Also realize the ideas that arise.

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Londji is named as a brand for children. Its founders jokingly claim that all products are for children between the ages of 3 and 103. Still, this smiley phrase holds a lot of truth. Londji brand products are really interesting not only for small audiences but also for adults. After all, not everyone could resist the temptation to create a puzzle with a thousand details depicting Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night or Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. And where else are the various, breathtaking board games! Londji toys and games are among those that in a special way awaken the childhood memories that have fallen at the farthest reaches of the heart and encourage them to recall long-gone, carefree and adventurous days again.

Londji toys, board games and puzzles for children are created with a mission to develop children's imagination and help them learn and discover the wonders of the world just by playing. What could be better? It is also important to note that this manufacturer attaches great importance to the sustainability of the goods it develops and strives for all products to be made from recyclable materials. In this way, the goal is to create beautiful things without destroying nature and looking to the future and future generations with hope. So, in short, the Londji brand can be described as a set of great design, creativity tools, which did not forget to add a little innovation and concern for the future of children.