Little Dutch toys for kids

Little Dutch is a family business that has grown into a successful company that currently employs 45 professionals. This brand offers stylish and practical items for babies and children. Little Dutch gives you the opportunity to discover everything you need, from a range of baby care items, toys to clothing, sleeping bags and interior decor details for children’s spaces..

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Little Dutch toys are what they are

The Little Dutch brand first and foremost captures its history. Ironically, it all started with ... a lamp. Rinke van der Helm, the brand's founder at the time, was looking for a variety of interior decor details and aesthetic, delicately designed childcare items. One of the goals was to buy a lamp. Having found nothing like what she was looking for in the children’s stores, the woman started making the lamp herself. After sharing the result with those around her, she suddenly received a huge encouragement to share her creations with other families as well. This is how Little Dutch, which began its history since the creation of one interior detail, can today enjoy the growing demand and popularity of goods in dozens of countries around the world.

Why Little Dutch toys for children and other products are worth noting First of all, the products offered by this manufacturer are designed with every detail in mind. Therefore, when such a product falls into your hands, for a moment it may appear that you are holding a treasure! In addition, the design of Little Dutch goods can be called a true most likely classic of its timeless, morally outdated. Finally, parents who purchase goods from this manufacturer can rest assured of their safety for their children. Each product is made of the highest quality materials and is regularly tested. So, Little Dutch wooden toys and other products are a great choice for those who want to make children’s daily education more interesting, playful and enjoyable.o.