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Fresco is a Dutch-based brand that offers fun, playful and lovingly designed products for children. What are these products? Their range is extremely wide: from pajamas and sleeping bags to school backpacks, pencil cases and rubber shoes. The collection, inspired by Scandinavian freshness and restrained light, does not make the person exploring it smile..

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The design of the children's brand Fresk can be easily recognized by inspecting at least a dozen products. Lightness, playfulness and simplicity are what unite all Fresk goods without exception. So while the Scandinavian style, which has a light Dutch design spice, is predictable in a good way, it makes it no less joyful. In fact, this is why these products, designed for children, are especially popular with adults. Due to their subtlety and uncontrollability for the flow of time, hardly anyone could name the products of this brand exclusively as childish. But versatility is far from a flaw in Fresco. On the contrary, not every producer can gather a wide circle of fans around him..

The process of creating fresco branded products for children is particularly meticulous. According to the manufacturer, it is important to choose responsibly the materials and tools used to produce the goods. That is why Fresk purposefully sought to create a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) quality label. Strict requirements are required to obtain this quality certification, which is not easy to do. The GOTS quality label confirms not only the environmental friendliness of the textile, but also the safety of the subsequent processing and dyeing techniques required to produce a particular product. When purchasing a product labeled in this way, the customer can be sure that the entire production chain before the product develops daylight is environmentally friendly.