Dolls are an integral part of a home where a girl grows up. Usually not one of their girls receives gifts back in infancy. These are usually baby dolls, barbie dolls or fabric dolls that are sold with extra clothes, accessories and other paraphernalia. For example, a feeding bottle, a soother, a comb, a bathtub, and so on..

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It is said that dolls are not just an ordinary toy. It is also an educational tool that helps to develop empathy, responsibility and caring. And when necessary, it becomes a means to help emotionally calm down. According to the researchers, light, soft dolls are best for a 1-2 year old child. Older girls are advised to choose dolls that are as close as possible to a real baby. However, it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations for the age of the toy..


However, why is it so important to pay attention to the age at which a particular toy is intended? In particular, the guidelines need to be followed to ensure safety. For example, if a doll has small or sharp details or removable attributes, a younger child may be injured or choked on them. Meanwhile, a girl playing with the same doll, meeting the age recommended by the manufacturer, should not have such problems. In addition, toy manufacturers conduct in-depth research into a child's psychology and development before launching a new product. In this way, the new toy tries to respond as well as possible to the interests of the children of the age for which it is intended. This means that developers who have done a thorough analysis know what interests children of a given age. If it is a toy for babies, what colors or sounds do they react and so on. These principles, of course, also apply to the production of dolls. Therefore, girls up to the year are offered soft dolls of contrasting colors, made of various textures and without small details. Meanwhile, 13-year-old ladies are particularly interested in big dolls for girls. And it becomes important for older girls to make the doll as real as possible. This is why barbie dolls, doll dolls and their various sets with additional accessories for cribs, baths, clothes, etc. are so popular. They make the little ones games even more exciting and even more engaging!ius!