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Caramel & Cie is a brand that will not allow children to go unnoticed in school or extracurricular activities. Unique school backpacks, pencil cases, sports bags, cosmetics, wallets and many other items that are integral to students ’daily lives. A wide range of different styles, colors, sizes and textures will help almost every child to discover and choose the thing they like, and will delight in impeccable quality..

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The creator and founder of Caramel & Cie, Rafaela Garcia, has dreamed of becoming a designer since childhood. After graduating from a prestigious school of graphic design and later studying the secrets of sewing and design in Paris, she created a brand that not only grew a wide circle of fans in a short time, but also became recognized around the world.

Rafaela Garcia realized that the word school fit into much more than just lessons and learning. Friends, games and laughter are inseparable from going to school. During the breaks, life also boils here and other lessons in communication and cooperation in the community take place. It is important for children to be recognized as peers and not go unnoticed. This is where the Caramel & Cie brand comes to the rescue. School supplies such as a backpack or pencil case also serve as a style detail. By having the means to make him or her feel good, the child builds self-confidence, becomes more determined, cultivates leadership, and takes initiative more quickly.yvos.

It is important to note that Caramel & Cie brand backpacks are not only eye-catching in style, but also high quality. Your purchase is warranted for 2 years from the date of purchase. If there are low-quality goods, you will be able to replace them with new ones. Meanwhile, those who are afraid of the stains that will inevitably appear on the backpack, pencil case or other means can be encouraged that they will definitely not be a problem due to the unique properties of the material used by Caramel & Cie!