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Candylab toys were born out of a quest to bring 1960s American culture closer to our times. It is the wooden signs of this brand that fill it. In addition to the ambitions of toy design, the manufacturer of Candylab machines for children also emphasizes quality and customer satisfaction with the products they create as the core value axis in their business and works tirelessly to maintain a high level.

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Wooden cars of various designs for children, from a school bus and a taxi to a donut-selling van and eye-catching racing cars, will allow you to choose the model you like, even for the most discerning buyer. Elegant, high-quality and sustainable, and at the same time very simple cars for children, are the reason for their attractiveness. By the way, they are not only very popular with children, but also with collectors of this type of toy car models..

Probably the most common question for buyers is what Candylab car models are made of. All toys of this brand are made of beech, sometimes with small plastic, metal or rubber parts. It is important to note that the models are painted with water-based, harmless paints. The safety of Candylab's toys is also confirmed by documents proving that these products comply with the safety regulations of the European Union, Australia and New Zealand. And that means they are regularly tested to ensure quality and safety for those who use them.s.

The manufacturer points out that these machines will not avoid scratches and cracks due to the materials from which they are made. Still, it’s also part of this produced charm. Despite all the safety measures required, the manufacturer of wooden children does not recommend that children be allowed to put them in their mouths. And also points out that all toys manufactured by Canlab are intended for children from 3 years of age, it is important to follow the age recommendations provided by this and other manufacturers..