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Developing a love for books is important from the first days of life. Books help children to understand the world around them, to develop their imagination. Also to develop the most important, lifelong values. When you start your educational journey with soft books or bath books that teach your senses and fine motor skills, you can be sure that even an adult child will be happy to grab a book.

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„Wee Gallery soundbooks. These are books that convey fun, instructive stories that not only develop hearing but also raise awareness. For example, the booklet Hush ... allows you to hear sounds that disturb the teddy bear. And a soundbook for kids Moo, cluck, baabaa!“ introduces the different sounds emitted by animals.

„Wee Gallery black and white cards for babies. This is a very important tool in the first months of a baby's life. In the first months, babies see the world in black and white, as if through a fog. Therefore, it is these black and white, contrasting drawings that attract their attention. Such cards allow for a faster development of the visual perception of the little ones. It is important to note that the cards are made of hard, laminated cardboard by accident. In this way, the manufacturer sought to make them resistant to the most intensive research by small ones.s.

„Wee Gallery paperback books. Activity books such as Friendly Faces in the Forest, Friendly Faces in the Garden, or Friendly Faces in the Wild are illustrated in black and white and are therefore intended for the youngest readers. Meanwhile, Wee Gallery books like Tip Toe Tiger or Hello You, Hello me are also suitable for older children. They are full of vivid illustrations and different textures, which the child can develop essential skills by touching.nius įgūdžius.

„Wee Gallery bath books. They are indispensable during fun and adventurous bathing! The great news is that bathbooks are not only playful but also intense..