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BIBS, a brand founded in Denmark in 1978, is famous for the production of unique pacifiers for children. The manufacturer, with more than 40 years of experience, has repeatedly substantially improved the technology of pacifier production and experimented with the best production materials of the time. These efforts have paid off. Today, BIBS pacifiers for children are probably the most recognizable in the world..

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The manufacturer of BIBS pacifiers for children has always strived not only to use the highest quality materials in their products, but also to ensure an aesthetic design. With a strong focus on functionality and safety, the BIBS brand contributes significantly to the colorful and playful daily lives of babies with its wide range of products. According to the manufacturer, personal self-expression is one of the most important objects that is taken into account when creating pacifiers and various accessories or toys for them. For example, delicate designs, chews of various colors, almonds, pacifiers and more. All this is designed so that every customer in the range of BIBS pacifiers will find this one that suits him or her..

BIBS identifies high ambitions for quality, uniqueness and innovative design as its core values. BIBS pacifiers for children are one of the brands for which ecology and sustainability are very important. As early as 2020, BIBS embarked on a journey towards 100% renewable energy production. This is one of the company’s biggest investments to contribute to a sustainable future. BIBS pacifiers also use eco-friendly packaging for their products. As much as 70 to 90% of the plastic used in the packaging of BIBS soothers is recycled. The goal of the brand is to pack pacifiers in the near future in packaging that is 100% recyclable and recyclable. Detailed descriptions of the materials in which BIBS products are packed and quality guarantees can be found on the official website of the