TADAM products for children

TADAM is a brand founded by Deimantė Litvinaitė that creates jewelry. Due to the original idea of creating jewelry for food, this brand is often referred to as the kitchen of jewelry desserts. Indeed, TADAM jewelry is truly the most true dessert for the eyes, perfect for both leisure and casual, luxurious clothing for both adults and children..

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Recently, food is starting to play an increasingly important role in society. People prefer not only delicious but also aesthetically pleasing food, and social networks are breaking away from photos of appetizing dishes. Attracted by this idea, the Lithuanian designer decided to incorporate food into jewelry as well. That this idea was a great success is evidenced not only by the winning of various competitions for these products, but also by the growing demand for jewelry.

Jewelry made of the highest quality materials sees daylight in collections. For example, The Sweet Course for Your Eyes handmade jewelry is decorated with silver or gold details. Cosmos Candy necklaces are made using a special Japanese ceramic technique to create an imitation of a marble pattern. The jewelry in the Tiny Treat collection is made of silver and gold. Most TADAM jewelry brand jewelry takes about 10 days to make. This is evidenced not only by the manufacturer's diligence and responsibility in creating jewelry, but also by the sophisticated product creation technique and process.ocesą.

Jewelry for children is also an area unfamiliar to the TADAM brand. A particularly popular choice for handmade minimalist style bracelets with gold-plated silver or silver details. Bracelets for kids are a great solution for those looking for an original, meaningful and enduring gift. In addition, these jewelry is pleasing with its aesthetic packaging, it is placed in a canvas bag and an original box.ę.