Micro goods for children

Micro is one of the best manufacturers of scooters for children and protective equipment. Founded in 1996 by professional scooter sports master Wim Ouboter, the brand today enjoys being able to market its products in as many as 80 countries around the world. This popularity is no coincidence. Functional, high-quality, long-lasting products quickly gained a wide range of customers and celebrity sympathies..

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Micro scooters for children are described as exceptionally high quality. This phrase is followed by many different features of the production process. In particular, the manufacturer selects materials for the production of two- and three-wheel scooters and protective equipment with the utmost care and responsibility. It can be seen that the majority of small vehicles are manufactured to avoid welding work. The purpose of this is to allow one or another part of the scooter to be replaced if necessary. Otherwise, the scooter can often be just too complicated and expensive to repair. Especially since cutting or welding work makes it difficult to ensure that its quality matches the condition of the new scooter.

The importance of the Micro brand to the quality of their products ensures that it provides a unique access to free repair services worldwide. Also, at every step of product design, they are tested. As a result, no product is placed on the market without strict quality control. In this way, the Micro brand, which manufactures scooters and child protection, ensures that the products meet both the national and international safety requirements of the different countries in which they are sold. Finally, Micro scooters aim for sustainability. Plastic collected and recycled in water bodies is used to make their parts. In this way, not only is the cleanliness of water bodies and less waste is taken care of, but also the production of additional plastic, which is not an environmentally friendly material, is avoided.