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What toys grab the attention of any boy? Undoubtedly - boys like cars the most! Colorful four-wheeled car models do not bother children, but rather the opposite - it is becoming a cause for growing interest. And also a means to convey the most unexpected stories born in the imagination! And also"turn on"your little friends and girlfriends!

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But which machines should you choose from a wide range? It is advisable to choose models made of wood. They are safe for children and friendly to nature, and their design and durability are definitely not inferior to metal car models. In addition, you can add a garage with a landing pad for helicopters, fire, car and railway tracks, etc. to your collection of toy cars.

It is advisable to choose typewriters according to the age of the child. The little ones are delighted by the beautifully designed, light, safe machines that do not have sharp corners and small details. For six months now, you can choose a great, comfortable pick-up and hand-held car for your baby. Children aged three and over will undoubtedly be attracted by musical machines that teach hearing and fine motor skills. Meanwhile, heavier, wooden cars are advised to be chosen by children five years of age and older. In addition, older children are often happy to choose sets of machines that can be created or trains that can be coupled as much as they want. Finally, when collecting a beautiful wooden car for a gift, you can squeeze the baby's name, age, chosen symbol or even a wish on it.