Lulla doll by RoRo products for children

When you first hear about the RoRo brand, the question often arises as to what the word means. According to Eyrún Eggertsdóttir, the founder of this children's toy company, the word ro was borrowed from Icelandic. It means peace and coziness. This is exactly RoRo's mission to create something that will allow babies to feel at ease when their parents are not around.ia.

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The founder of the RoRo brand claims to have studied psychology. During her studies, she was particularly impressed by the fact that closeness, another person's breath and the sound of a beating heart are extremely important for the baby's well-being and quality of sleep. And what to do when the parents are not around It is this question that has become the key that opened the door for a woman to the idea of creating a Lulla doll that could create a feeling of closeness and security for children. A woman who receives various stories and encouraging reviews about the Lulla doll every month says that for many, it is the surest escape.s.

The Lulla doll is suitable for both girls and boys. What makes it special First of all, it has been developed in close collaboration with doctors, nurses, biomedical sound and electrical engineers. Artists, designers, marketing and communication specialists also took part in the process of creating the famous doll. And the overall result of their work was tested by many families who monitored their children's well-being, behavior and quality of sleep. Obviously, this idea has paid off. The brand was founded back in 2011 and is still in demand today for the well-known dolls Lulla doll by RoRo Lilac, Sky and Coral. However, dolls are not the only RoRo product. In addition to the dolls already listed, this brand also offers four shades of Lulla Outfit dolls and Lulla Owl almond for children.Lulla Owl“.