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Trixie bowling game

Let's put all the pins and start rolling! This all-time classic with soft pins and a ball will entertain the whole family. Mr. Lion is the king of the game, so inside he has a small rattle. Inside the soft ball is also a rattle that will make a fun sound when jumping around the house.

The set consists of:5 pins (various animals), a ball. This bowling kit is a great way to develop hand-eye coordination. Also, the b ouling set is a great gift because the soft pins and the ball are so versatile that with a spark of fantasy, endless play possibilities open up!

Composition: cotton, polyester.
Size: ball - 13 cm, pin - 20 cm.
Age: from 0 months.


Inspired by the endless imagination of children, the Trixie team from Belgium develops children's goods and toys for babies of all ages. When developing and coordinating the production of toys, it seeks to take into account the needs of today's parents and children. Carefully monitors and analyzes the wishes and development of today's and future children. In this way, they try to make the most of the functions of the toys being created and contribute to the education and development of future children. In order for all the toys they create to be durable and withstand the love of their little ones, they use only high-quality materials.

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Simona Keblaitė

Visiškai nestovi 'kėgliai', neįmanoma žaisti!!!