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Sticky Lemon large backpack Sky Blue + Pirate Purple

Sticky Lemon large backpack with durable adjustable handles. Inside the backpack there is an elastic holder for a drink and a large pocket. All Sticky Lemon backpacks are made from recycled plastic bottles and are waterproof. The large backpacks are perfect for school textbooks, notebooks and anything else you might need! Backpacks are distinguished by their bright colors, so it will be difficult to lose or mix up your backpack with a friend's.

Composition: exterior - recycled plastic, interior - waterproof nylon.
Size: 27 x 13 x 38 (fits an A4 sheet).


Dutch brand for children, founded in 2016. Colorful, bright and bold designs stand out from the crowd. Sticky Lemon enjoys experimenting with constantly updated color combinations and combinations and, of course, the spice of retro times.