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Nuuroo Swimsuit Kali

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Uniquely cute swimsuit with long sleeves! Time to jump and splash as much as your heart desires! Nuuroo uses the highest UV protection (50+) for these swimming suits, so your child will not only look charming, but also feel comfortable and protected from the sun.



Material: 82% recycled polyester, 18% elastane.
Care: wash at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. using a gentle program (it is recommended to wash as little as possible and to rinse with cold water after use).


0-3 months: 56-62 cm;
6-12 months:
68-74 cm;
1 year: 80-86 cm;
2 years: 86-92 cm;
3 years: 98-104 cm;
4 years: 110-116 cm;


Sudėtis: 82% perdirbtas poliesteris, 18% elastanas. Priežiūra: skalbti ne aukštesnėje nei 30 laipsnių temperatūroje. naudojant švelnią programą (rekomenduojama kuo rečiau skalbti bei po naudojimo patariama praskalauti šaltu vandeniu).


0-3 mėn: 56-62 cm; 6-12 mėn: 68- 74 cm; 1 metai: 80-86 cm; 2 metai: 86-92 cm; 3 metai: 98-104 cm; 4 metai: 110-116 cm;


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About Nuuroo

The Danish brand stands for quality, functionality and simplicity. Based on these values, the company creates simple, Scandinavian-style, stylish, but high-quality products for our dearest children. Their design philosophy is to produce tasteful children"s interior designs and items that bring joy to the little ones and at the same time give visual meaning to the parents.

Maudymosi kostiumas Kali - 0-3 mėn -
Nuuroo Swimsuit Kali
Maudymosi kostiumas Kali - 0-3 mėn -
Nuuroo Swimsuit Kali