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Nuuroo Robe Cobblestone

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After a fun bath, wrap your little one in the soft and cuddly Nuuroo hooded robe. The waist belt is sewn into the back so that it never gets lost or falls off. An adorable bath buddy is sewn into the pocket.

Material: 100% cotton.
Care: machine wash at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees, do not iron or dry.

1-2 years;
3-4 years;
5-6 years;
7-8 years.


Sudėtis: 100% medvilnė. Priežiūra: skalbimo mašinoje plauti ne aukštesnėje nei 30 laipsnių temperatūroje, nelyginti ir nedžiovinti. Dydžiai:  1-2 metai; 3-4 metai; 5-6 metai; 7-8 metai.


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About Nuuroo

The essence of the Nuuroo concept is a wide selection of high-quality, ecological children's products. All products are specially selected and made of the highest quality organic cotton, recycled polyester, silicone and natural rubber. Sustainability is a natural approach to all nuuroo products. Taking into account the high standards and Scandinavian style, Iuroo creates timeless and long-lasting interiors, clothes and accessories for babies and toddlers - for future generations. The focus is on design, quality and sustainability, so all products meet EU standards.

Chalatas Cobblestone - 1-2 metai -
Chalatas Cobblestone - 1-2 metai -
Chalatas Cobblestone - 1-2 metai -
Chalatas Cobblestone - 1-2 metai -